Amazing Conjoined Kitchen and Dining Rooms That Are Predominantly White

Convenience is one of the biggest advantages of having conjoined kitchen and dining rooms. Making the room more expansive than it is, is another. This type of integration is especially popular on small spaces, but it is not uncommon to see it in bigger homes as well. Here are some amazing examples that will definitely get you inspired! We are!  



Nobody does a predominantly white interior better than the Scandinavians. They can give justice to the absence of color like no other; and, their version of a largely whiteout space doesn’t come out cold and dull; it appears warm and lived-in! Two words sums up this type of style: enchantingly fresh. There’s always a speck of color here and there that livens up the space in a very subtle way. The rest are a gamut of earthy colors. As we have mentioned time and again, too much unification is boring. A mélange of disparate elements like wood, metal, and leather collates the space into an exciting, multifaceted space. Let’s not forget the healthy amount of natural light that flows through the space.  



The design goes well beyond the category we are currently loving right now. The kitchen, dining room, and living room are united together to create a continuous structural flow. The wooden chairs and dining table breaks the museum like feel of the immaculate space. The stark space is loosened up, thanks to the specks of patterns via the throw pillows on the left, bric-a-brac on top of the console, and the statement chandelier.  



White subway tiles serves as backsplash paired with a sleek, contemporary kitchen cabinets and an ebony countertop. The slatted rustic wooden wall on one side provides a fascinating contrast that breaks the area’s pallidity. Special mention goes out to the black Thonet chairs surrounding the pale wooden dining table! Stunning!  



Mismatched dining chairs in the same color add a good character to this conjoined kitchen and dining room interior design. Traditional and modern pieces are grouped together, creating a fine eclectic clash. For couple’s who want an androgynous splash of muted color in their interior, dove grey is a great pick! The whole space maintains a fresh look with pops of various quirky accents such as the caged bulb pendant and a modern art canvas behind the island.  



Above is a modern Victorian seamless design - combining the kitchen area and the dining room. The whole area is kept bright and well-ventilated with the right amount of windows. The said windows are both an attractive and functional addition because they provide a clear view of the garden. The dark wooden floors give an earthy feel to the conjoined rooms with textured white walls and cabinets in the same color.



This is a jaw-meet-floor type of industrial space that we really, really want right now! The huge black factory windows of this Portland loft alone hit our interior-driven heart in a huge way. Don’t get us started on the lighting inspired by a sprinkler system! The walls of the kitchen and dining areas are painted white to discern them from the living area where the walls are kept unfinished. The floor is given equal attention by coating it with a neutral hue. The imperfections on the floor were left as is for a worn out effect.  


A gorgeous and well-executed combination of a kitchen and a dining room. The cathedral ceiling with white wood slats provides an extra multiplier effect to the open space design. Even the furniture pieces are kept in hushed tones. A long harvest wooden table in whitewash finish is paired with Hans Wegner wishbone chairs in the same hue. The stainless steel kitchen appliances supply the modern touch to the otherwise country-style theme of the space.