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Zebra Hide Mirror


Elegant and unique hardwood frame mirror upholstered using hand selected/inspected grade A Zebra hide rugs. This black finished hardwood frame construction is sure to glamour any interior space or project you have.

Lead time: 3-4 Weeks to build
Mirror Dimension: Size: 30″W x 40"H
Wood Finish: Harwood framing with a flat black paint.
Hide Color: Dark chocolate with cream striping

Please note:
Each order comes with a 3-4 weeks lead time on average. Each mirror is hand built from scratch and not inventory stocked. Each mirror will have unique Zebra patterns and none are ever alike.
Return Policy: No returns accepted on any furniture pieces since they are "made to order" items.

Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Shipping window: 4-7 days (U.S)
Shipping window: 14-21 days (International)
Refund policy: None on custom made items

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