2 Famous Contemporary Inspirations to Make Your Zebra Interiors Stand Out

If Disney land and the Marriot have hoped on it, why not?

Trendsetting is the art of being able to see what others cannot see. It is a skill that not many people have, but this skill has become increasingly important as interior design is becoming a bigger part of modern living. When you open up a magazine or scroll through your social media feed, you’re bound to see glimpses of interior design. For some people, this is just a hobby. But for others, it’s their profession. In the last few years, an increasing number of people are turning to natural elements in order to create home designs that are modern and timeless. This trend is likely to continue because of its simplicity yet impactful look. It can be used in any setting, from living rooms to kitchens and everything in between.


One of the major trends in interior design is the importance of nature. Interior designers and architects are incorporating more natural materials and more natural light into their projects to give people a healthier living space. It is important for us to keep up with these trends as they affect our health, our environment and our quality of life. In the past year or so, the zebra print has become one of the key trends in interior design. There is something that resonates with the natural world, which is also why so many people are drawn to animals. It’s also why nature-inspired prints have been popular for decades. Interior design as a whole can help us get closer to an appreciation of life and all its beauty – and even better, it’s really easy to do!


Well, we had a look at Trend setters in the design world, in relation to how well known buildings, brands and interiors have been recognized for their outstanding tune with nature. Some companies have been able to find business opportunities in designing their offices with animal prints. For example, a company might want to incorporate as many animal-themed elements as they can because they sell products that require different views and takes from the public. Here are 2 Famous Contemporary Inspirations that have notably caught the public eye, and are guaranteed to definitely make your zebra Interiors stand out.

1. Disneyland Hotel

Interior design is all about the use of color, shapes, textures, and decoration to create a unique environment that suits the needs of the client. But in this time of climate change and urbanization, how can an interior designer make a space as sustainable as possible without compromising on comfort or aesthetics? Nature plays a great role in interior design, and that’s where the magic of Disneyland comes in. It’s not just about using wood from sustainably-harvested forests in your furniture or using natural light supplemented with LED lighting. 


Rooms at the Disneyland Hotel are both sophisticated and whimsical, paying loving tribute to the classic years of Disneyland Park. When designers use nature in their designs they are able to leave a smaller carbon footprint which will benefit everyone’s quality of life. This has been the way the designer chose zebra print as a source of inspiration.

2. Zebar, Mt Kenya Safari Club

Inside designers are increasingly incorporating animal prints into their designs and the results are sometimes surprising. Animals such as lions, cheetahs, leopards and peacocks can be used to channel earthy tones or energies. For a while now, animal prints have always been popular in interior design because they add an element of playfulness and cuteness to any space. This is especially true when animal prints are combined with nature elements, like succulents or forest patterns. Zebar calls the shots on this actuality. The Mount Kenya Safari Club boasts of a unique zebra skin bar design, gathering popularity and becoming internationally recognized, listed by CNN Travel –Destination Kenya: Kenya's best bars, From beachfront hangouts to hip hotels.


Founded by Hollywood heart throb William Holden in 1959, this chic saloon at the Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club sits astride the equator on the outskirts of Nanyuki and has hosted more than its fair share of celebrities over the years. The influence of the animal print from fashion expressing itself in home design has not gone unnoticed by some designers who have created entire spaces that are designed to resemble safari vacations or trips on safari. You can literally feel the vibe pull you into nature just by staring at it. Their hotel guests want a natural or jungle feel for their homes, so they would not be seen as ignorant for decorating their houses with animals and nature in the future.


Designing decor with zebra skin can be very simple and adds a lot of character to a space. Having zebra print in your home or office is a great way to add a unique feel without going overboard on the design. All you have to use is your imagination. The idea of creativity being finite as many people believe is a myth. Creativity becomes more and more infinite when you put in more and more effort into developing it. Put a zebra hide against the wall in an open area. Use it as accent pieces on walls or furniture. Cut it out shapes from the hide and using them as wall art or accessories. Just do it! It all starts with one step… Buying it. Go forth and create!