It all started from humble beginnings as a simple importer to dominating the landscape and lives of many interior designers and buyers alike with a loving passion of owning one of our Zebra skin hides. With all thanks and gratitude to our customers, we continue to make sure that our rugs are one of the finest the world has to offer within a shopping environment that is safe and guarantees to protect you.


Looking to buy a Zebra rug? Do you fully trust the websites you’ve visited? OutsourceSol is a licensed US Fish and Wildlife business, specializing in the market of exotic hides for years. Starting our business with humble beginnings in 2013, we have successfully managed to experience high growth volume due to our constant emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction. With a field that has seen many illegal activities such as poaching and unlawful trade, we as a business are highly against both and practice fair and safe commerce.

OutsourceSol religiously practices positive business ethics and by keeping these values close, not only have we managed to maintain our customer base but have expanded it exponentially while being on favorable terms with various wildlife authorities and governments in the continent of Africa. Our specialization is unique and our primary focus is on Zebra skins (Burchell Breed).

Unlike most competitors that seek to maximize profit and lower cost by illegally hunting these animals, OutsourceSol works in conjunction with various programs that not only allow us to acquire these exotic products but also keep our business whole-heartedly lawful.

Zebra rug slide in a home decor setting

Grade A non felted rug in our South Africa show room


The Zebra skins we sell are only Grade ‘A’ and ‘B.’ All our hides are acquired through various culling programs across the African continent and help keep their population within reasonable numbers. We don’t hunt Zebras for the sporting purpose of obtaining hides; instead, we follow a strict program under government guidelines to control their population. We strictly cull within a given quota with our partners, and each Zebra provides meat/food to residents at no cost.

With quality being our primary focus, we inspect the best hides available and optimize them for your benefit. An experienced vet is always on call to examine each Zebra skin to ensure no damage, bugs or insects are on the skins after a professional treatment process. Our legal paperwork and relevant documents are always completed beforehand and being a licensed US Fish and Wildlife importer we can deliver our exotic products around the globe or within the US, without any hassle or exorbitant charges.

Zebra skin rug laying out on surface

Grade A non felted rug in a client's  living room.