OutSourceSol provides an exclusive line of custom-built/luxury zebra furniture crafted from meticulously selected lumber and top of the line Zebra hides. Cutting-edge technique is used to produce high-end creations that will suit your precise needs and enhance the aesthetic ambiance of your home at the same time.Each piece of zebra furniture that we carefully create adheres to three phases: Conception, Visualization in 3D renderings, and Construction. We craft each collection with bench-made artistry and our relentless quest for perfection. Whether you are looking to furnish your home or your business, we will work with you to plan your project and fulfill your desired zebra furniture.

craftsmanship & innovation

zebra ottoman furniture

We combine a precise mathematical method, architectural ingenuity, and the meticulous craftsmanship of some of the world’s finest artisan furniture makers in every piece of zebra furniture that we produce. This is to ensure that our pieces are beautiful, functional, and can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. 

Each piece is skillfully and meticulously handcrafted to meet the expressions of premium furniture. Our artisans push their refined techniques further to blur the boundaries between luxury and practicality, as well as art and design. Strategic decisions are made during each step of the labor-intensive creation process to ensure an exemplary outcome.

material & sustainability

Zebra furniture sketches

We exclusively use Trophy zebra hides, Grade-A zebra hides, a selection of fine leather, and premium-grade lumber for each project. We continuously research and develop new ways to understand the configurations of various materials so that we can utilize them more efficiently. Our goal is to not only make premium zebra furniture but to ensure that they are sustainable as well. We strictly use hides from zebras that have been culled to control overgrazing and rapid population growth. We are huge proponents of utilizing part of what nature produces without depleting the zebra population or damaging the natural habitat that sustains them.

bespoke furniture

Explore a wide range of pre-designed collectible zebra furniture created for people who are serious about their interior. They are defined by elegance, practicality, and incredible staying power. The collection marries the organic details of mid-century modern design and industrial aesthetic’s raw edge.In great demand is the beloved zebra chair, zebra ottoman, and zebra chaise lounge. They are suitable for both residential and commercial spaces, and they blend perfectly with every interior style.

We welcome your furniture ingenuity and applaud your penchant for uniqueness. We also understand your need to find an exemplary piece that completes your interior and matches your personality.We also provide a personalized design service. Tell us about the kind of furniture you prefer or your dream project. We’ll take care of the rest.

custom zebra print furniture