5 Pattern and Solid Combinations That Will Complement Your Zebra Skin Rug

In our humble opinion, a zebra rug will always be a neutral. It will complement anything and everything you pair it with, and the fusion will always end up perfect! But of course, there are certain patterns and solids that are impactfully glorious when paired with the zebra stripes. If you're a proud owner of a zebra hide or are planning to purchase one soon, but you are also currently in an interior design rut, allow us to help you with some ideas. Below are a few of the sure-fire mixtures that will make your home a certified stunner!


Honeycomb & Dark Green

Incorporating natures fundamentals into your home is one great way to give it a boost in character. The honeycomb is, undoubtedly, one of the most fascinating natural patterns. The hexagonal patterns are well-structured and evenly distributed making them easy on the eyes. They don't have a stereogram factor that will clash with the zebra stripes. You can go for the original enclosed, six-sided figures or the cleaved version just like the one above. Monochrome honeycomb is a guaranteed enchanter, but the ones with a touch of gold are much better. As for the solid, dark green will be a great enhancer for both the zebra stripes and the honeycomb.  




Martinique & Amaranth Pink We've said it on our Instagram post, and we're going to state it again: Zebra print and Martinique is a match made in pattern heaven! It's just pure elegance. Martinique is a highly busy print, but it still works perfectly with the zebra stripes. The marriage of each color from both patterns is harmonious green and black, white and black, brown and black, yellow and white, and so on. Depending on one's level of grit, the pop of amaranth pink can be done in either small amounts or a full-on vibrant vibe! You can inject the aforementioned color via an accent pillow, lounge chair, an ottoman coffee table, lampshades, or the entire ceiling.  



Channels & Cerulean Channels is a Kelly Wearstler original pattern, and it is, like all other things she does, glamorous! The golden, uneven brush strokes against an immaculate background cordially match with the cerulean blue and the zebra stripes. While the previous mixtures are more for the homes that are more conservative than edgy, the Zebra-Channels-Cerulean trio is made exactly for the latter. It's a jovial combination that would look great in a bedroom or a family room.  




Scallop & Navy Blue Another of nature's pattern that we adore and is a great match to a zebra's stripe skin rug is the scallop. There are numerous versions of this, but the one that we like best is the gilded scallop. You can make the navy blue as the backdrop (wall) and the scallop pattern as an accent. The reverse is also just as winsome! Add an extra elegant design interest on the wall by creating French panels.  





Art Deco & Black Art deco, black, and zebra skin rug combination evokes pure class. It has a mysterious demeanor with a hint of the wild. A gentleman's quarter will be the perfect place for this handsome trinity. The art deco pattern can be in the form of the floor tiles or a wallpaper. A thoughtful domestic intersection of supreme components - solid black furnishing, art deco sconces, retro chandelier, and fine art seals the style.   Shop our top-notch zebra skin rugs!