5 Red Rooms That You Are Going to Fall For

Since it is the love month, we would like to give emphasis and much respect to the color associated with love: red. It’s not only love, actually.  The color red is linked to a series of intense emotions such as passion, power, desire, and strength. In fact, during the Roman times, brides wore red veils known as flammeum (meaning flame). It was used as an allegory of love and fertility. The conventional Valentine’s Day gift, red roses, means love and affinity to the Greeks. In ancient times, red was believed to possess magical powers that can ward off evil spirits. To make the long story short, red is a truly meaningful color with a lot of impact! It is a radiant color that commands a lot of attention. In interior design, red can either be fabulously incorporated or end up being a complete sight for sore eyes. We have gathered a few of the former - a few that you will definitely fall in love with.  



Who can give red the much needed respect it deserves other than New York-based interior designer Miles Redd? He is famous for concocting bold colors with a discordant touch here and there, and the result is fabulous each and every time. In other words, none of his creation is plain mundane. His is an adventure in design. The powder room above is from his “The Big Book of Chic”. The scarlet wallpaper is made vivid by large zebra prints, which gives the small room a non-constricting effect. Extra love goes to the toilet bowl and sink’s color disparity.  



Since red is such an intense hue, even a few doses can immediately overpower the rest of the room’s color. A red carpet and a pair of lounge chairs provide a good emphasis on the room’s modern Asian motif. The color is definitely an integral part when going for the said concept. The gilded gold leaf painting on the walls and a few monochrome furniture pieces collate into a highly luxurious and dramatic room. Even with a hint of gloom, an Asian-inspired room evokes a certain appearance of tranquility.




Red is commonly associated with an Oriental-themed interior design. For the Chinese people, red is considered to be a lucky color. It is associated with good fortune and happiness. If you are as bold as the color itself, it can be a great base color for various patterns. You can mix it with unconventional designs that are at odds with each other such as the home office above. The room is dominated by busy patterns – from the Chinoiserie wallpaper to the zebra rug on the floor. The black and white hide area rug provides a visual break from all the crimson in the room. A large blue and white glazed porcelain vase is, conventionally, out of tune with the rest, but it somehow works perfectly.  



Interior designer and architect, Sig Bergamin’s artfully designed home in São Paulo, Brazil is not immune to the scarlet fever as well. The foyer of the house he shares with partner and fellow architect Maurilo Lomas is lined with the rich tone. The red walls provide a great backdrop for the massive Caio Reisewitz C-print.




Let’s face it, adding red into one’s home can either be one of two things: first, it’s the color you were born to love, and secondly, someone dared you into doing it. It is not a “safe color” for most, but when done right, it can come out marvelous! Red kitchen cabinets with sleek black countertop are perfect matchup. Details that deviate from the contemporary rustic theme, such as the gold chandelier, is a big yes in our book!