6 Envy-Worthy Bookcase Ideas for Your Home

Despite the aggrandizement of e-readers, many still favor the good old hard-copy books. If you are part of the latter, you know that having a huge enough bookcase to house your collection is paramount. In most homes, bookshelves serve a purpose beyond their original function; they are also considered a form of décor.

To be surrounded by books is a bibliophile’s solace. Creating a cerebral oasis at home doesn’t have to be grand all the time, unless you are Walker Digital’s chairman, Jay Walker. It’s 3,600 square feet, and has the original Sputnik 1 and a model of NASA’s X-29 aside from the gazillion books!  Impeccably styled bookshelves are more than enough for our precious copies.


A reading room amidst the woods with a hard maple bookcase offers the tranquility and comfort that book fiends crave. The result is simply breathtaking; like a description from a page of a romantic novel itself. To harmonize with the great outdoors, the colors of the room are kept muted. True to the sophisticated minimalist theme of the room, the bookcase features a simple design and construction.


In a home with limited space, stretching the function of a room is not only wise, but economical as well. Above is a home office space that doubles as a reading room. The black high gloss paint coating on the bookcase evokes an enduring feel of luxe glam. Framing the shelves with silver trimmings kills the monotony of the look. A few additional touches such as the potted plant and some ceramic figurines on the shelves are very much encouraged. Instead of placing integrated lights along the shelves, try placing a couple of wall light sconce at the ends of the bookshelves for a gentler effect and a more romantic feel.



Maximize the space in your home! If you’re thinking of buying a couple of bookcases, but can’t seem to find a good area to put them, try looking up! Take full advantage of those unfilled walls in rooms with high ceilings. A second level area to place your bookcases at is a perfect idea to enliven that space up. Not only that, the uniqueness of the placement can be a great conversation starter, too!


Another gorgeous idea of a combined home office space and reading room! The Federal blue walls with decorative panels and white furniture makes for a grand combination. The addition of the zebra rug heightens the look to an ultra sophisticated level.

Creating bookcases on either side of a window is a popular style. In lieu of a two-seater sofa or a chaise lounge, you can use the space below the window to build a cozy seating area. You can add extra shelves under your plush window seat to place your books at. Add a fur blanket and decorative pillows to make your reading time more pleasurable.


Henry David Thoreau once said that “books are the treasured wealth of the world and the fit inheritance of generations and nations.” Well then, it’s just proper to protect these treasures by having a room especially for them, right? The above example is a brilliant idea! Bespoke bookcases in an enclosed area protects your rare finds and dissociates your reading spot from your work space.


Amongst the many uses of bookcases, one of the most favored one is using it as a room divider. Above, the wooden bookshelves enclose a small reading nook. Modern shelving like the one above is both a lovely and functional addition to any space. Multiple shelf sizes can also be done for a more versatile bookcase.