Difference between Felted and Non-Felted Zebra Skin Rug

Zebras are a symbol of just how African savannah is replete with wildlife and excitement. Zebras are in plenty and with their black stripes; you really can’t take your eyes off them. In some African countries, the selling of the zebra skin rugs is legal. However, the zebra skin rugs that are allowed to be sold are those of Equus Burchelli. They are in their millions and the authorities give an allowance for the culling. Culling involves controlled killing with the supervision of the government.

Zebras are herbivores and as such they are prime preys of big cats and crocodiles especially because of their body size. Because they often encounter with these cats, it is quite normal to come across a pelt of a zebra that has been scarred either by the teeth or craws of a cat. The presence of scars on the pelts makes them less valuable to the buyers and the sellers. Some of the vendors of the zebra skin rugs will felt them in order to make them stronger and more appealing. Felting is the addition of other materials to the skin particularly on the inside so that it can be stronger and durable.

Any weakness that the skin was having will be reduced in a tremendous way when felting is done on it. Whereas felting is okay to be done on the zebra skin, the buyer must be made aware of the same.  Here are some of the differences that you will find between felted and non-felted zebra hide rug;

  • Non felted skins are in their most natural state. They have just been washed treated and stored. Felted skins on the other hand have been reinforced with a synthetic material or some other material so as to make them stronger.
  • The felted skins are more popular with consumers because they can be used in a lot of areas. The non felted skins on the other hand are not as popular even though marginally because they have fewer uses.
  • As for durability, the felted skins have had their hairs interlocked and interwoven so that they don’t come out. They have also been reinforced on the outside to make them coarser while on the inside they have been made softer. They tend to last longer than the non felted skins.
  • When looking into beauty, there are many people who will prefer to have their zebra skin rugs in their most natural state. In its natural state, the skin will be more beautiful than if it is felted; at least in the eyes of the people who understand animal skins.
  • The skins that are in the Grade C and Grade B categories are generally felted. For the vendor to make more items out of a Grade C skin, they have to felt it so as to make the item sturdy as well as durable.
The differences of the felted and the non felted zebra skin rugs are all important when it comes to you determining what you want one for. Partner Site: Zebra skin rug