Is It Legal To Possess A Zebra Hide Rug

Zebras are wildlife animals found in the eastern and the southern part of Africa. They live in warm climates. They are very many and in any of the countries in the said regions they are in their millions. Trading in wildlife pelts or other body parts is generally illegal in the world but a few exceptions are made with respect to particular animals and countries. Zebras are some of these animals and the trading of their pelts is allowed in most of the countries in the world.

Tanzania and South Africa are the only two countries where zebra Hides can be sourced legally. All the other African countries especially those in the tropics have active laws stating that killing of these striped animals is illegal and is considered poaching.

There are three types of zebras; the Grevy’s which are endangered and illegal to kill on any part of the globe, there is the mountain zebra breed and the plains zebra.

The plains zebra is also known as the Burchelli zebra. The Plains zebras which are in their millions are in no way endangered and it is for this reason that Tanzania and South Africa have allowed their culling. Because of their large numbers in the wild, the meal of the lions and the other cats is consisted of this black and white game.

The number of zebras is very high and the governments of the two countries do allow controlled culling and the subsequent selling of the products from the activity. It is however illegal to kill a zebra if you are not given the authority to do so. It is also illegal to buy a zebra rug from a seller who has not been authorized to do so.

By extension, it is illegal to buy the zebra rug from a seller in any other country if the zebra was killed there. A lot of laws do govern the culling of zebras industry. You will find that dealing in a zebra rug is rather risky if you don’t have the paperwork to prove that it was authentically culled. When buying such a rug, you will need to investigate and verify that the seller whom you are dealing with is authorized to be dealing in zebra skins.

It is also common practice to have that particular zebra having been authorized to be culled. Thus proper documentation should be obtained from any person purporting to be dealing in the pelts of these animals. Buying a zebra skin when you are not a resident of the two said countries can be a bit restrictive. For you to have the freedom to hang the pelt on your wall or to place it on your floor, you must first have received authority to own such and from an authorized dealer.

You will first need to clear with your country’s customs and animal related departments before presenting the documents of the seller to prove that they are authorized dealers. You can then buy the zebra skin and adorn your home with it. Source: Zebra skin rug supplier Outsourcesol.