Selecting A Zebra Rug

Zebras are very beautiful. The black and white stripes that are so immaculately painted on the animals are the key signature to their beauty. One has to stop and gab at the sheer precision that the stripes have been made by nature. If you have seen the zebras in the jungle or in a zoo, you will definitely wonder how it would feel to touch that skin.

Well, you can now own a zebra rug. It is legal to own a pelt from this animal but you have to undergo a stringent number of procedures both legal and personal for you to get the best rug in the market and to also ensure that you get maximum value for your money. When buying a rug which you want to either hang in your house or make it a rug, then you will need to know the basics about them as well as the rules surrounding the business.

The killing of zebras so that their pelts can be traded is only legal in Tanzania and South Africa and even then, it’s only under the culling laws of the countries. Any other country which has zebras doesn’t legalize the killing of the zebras. It is important therefore to know this before buying one.

As a buyer, you will need to know the different types of zebra hides. This is because they have different qualities thus determining the value or the price that they fetch. The best quality rug that the market has is the trophy grade rug which is very rare. Experts estimate that there is only one trophy rug in every 1,000 rugs. This makes the rug very valuable.

There is the Grade A rug which is free of blemishes and any markings. It can be said that it is a rug that is immaculate in nature and whose flaws are hard to detect. Grade B is the normal rug that has flaws detectable from a few feet away. There is Grade C also that has obvious flaws that make it hard to sell the rug as a whole but rather it is used to make items like belts, bags and hats.

When selecting a rug to use whether as a rug or as a material for an item, you will need to first know that despite having countries that have legalized the culling of the Burchell zebras, you are not allowed to deal with a person who is not authorized to doing the business. The seller must be licensed to deal with the skins and also that particular skin must have the proper paperwork to prove that the beast wasn’t poached.

You also need the papers to help you in buying the rug easily. Upon buying or while in the process of buying a zebra hide rug, you must ensure that it is best suited for the use that you have in mind. Many people do get their rugs felted if they want to use their rugs as mats. By considering all these factors, you will definitely have a great a great zebra rug in your house. Article Source: Zebra skin Rug supplier Outsourcesol.