Staying Stripped: How Zebra Prints Are Inspiring Hotel Decor

Ever wondered what it’s like to wake up on the African savanna? Some of the world’s most stylish hotels are bringing a touch of the wild into their decor with zebra print accents. You’ve probably seen zebra rugs, pillows or other accessories in home decor stores and thought they were a bit over the top. But when done right, zebra prints can be a striking and memorable design choice. 

A number of luxury resorts and lodges across the globe are using zebra hides, prints and other touches to create an exotic escape right in their lobby or guest rooms. The bold black and white stripes are a natural complement to the warm tones often used in safari or lodge-style decor. If you’re looking for a unique getaway surrounded by a bit of untamed style, check into one of these zebra-striped dream destinations. Your inner wild child will thank you.
How Zebra Prints Provide an Exotic Escape
Nothing transports you to an exotic destination quite like zebra prints. Those striking black and white stripes have come to symbolize adventure and faraway places. It's no wonder hotels are harnessing their power to create an escape for guests.
Zebra rugs, pillows, and wall art immediately catch your eye and spark your imagination. You feel like you've entered a luxurious safari lodge, ready to spot wildlife on the African savanna. The bold prints awaken your sense of wanderlust and adventure. Some hotels take the theme even further with zebra-striped furniture, bedding, window treatments, and table lamps. The iconic zigzags appear in seating areas, hallways, and guest rooms for a cohesive feel throughout the property. The repetitive pattern has a hypnotic, dizzying effect that sweeps you away to distant lands.
Staying in a zebra print-filled hotel is like embarking on an exotic getaway without leaving home.
The striking hides transport you to untamed places and fuel dreams of discovery and far horizons. No passport required! For an escape from the everyday and a dose of wanderlust, a zebra-striped hotel is just what the travel doctor ordered. The vibrant prints will unleash your inner explorer and ignite your desire for adventure.
The Striking Effect of Black and White
The black and white stripes of zebra prints pack a bold design punch that's perfect for inspiring hotel decor.
The dramatic contrast creates an eye-catching effect that energizes any space. Whether used for accents like pillows, rugs, and table lamps or in large doses on walls, zebra stripes make a statement that guests won't soon forget.
The pattern works with almost any style from modern minimalism to glamorous opulence. Pair it with golds and creams for a luxurious safari vibe or with bright colors for a fun, eclectic look.
Either way, zebra prints are a surefire way to make your hotel stand out.
Don't be afraid to mix in other animal prints for a wildly chic esthetic. Leopard spots, giraffe spots or even ostrich feathers complement zebra stripes perfectly. Just be sure to vary the scale and placement of the prints for the most stylish composition.
Keep the rest of the decor simple and let the zebra print be the star. Minimal furnishings, natural wood accents, and a neutral color palette provide the perfect blank canvas for this showstopping pattern.
Whether you go subtle or bold, zebra prints create an unforgettable design that will transport your guests to an exotic destination without ever leaving the hotel. Unleash your wild side and see how this striking pattern can inspire your decor!
Introducing zebra print accents is an easy way to give your hotel room a bold, memorable style. Look for zebra print pillows, blankets, rugs or even wall art to make a statement.
Zebra striped headboards
A zebra striped headboard creates an eye-catching focal point in any hotel room. Tufted headboards with zebra print upholstery have a glamorous, retro feel that guests will love. For a more affordable option, consider applying zebra print wall decals or contact paper to a plain headboard.
Zebra print chairs
Zebra print chairs, whether armchairs, desk chairs or bar stools, inject a pop of pattern into a hotel room. Their high visual impact and exotic vibe is sure to delight guests. Look for zebra print chairs with gold or black frames for a polished look.
Zebra accessories
Small accessories featuring zebra stripes make it easy to incorporate the trend into any hotel decor. Options like zebra print tissue box covers, waste baskets, lamps, vases,candles and trays add visual interest without overpowering the space. Group several zebra print accessories together on tables and shelves for maximum impact.
Zebra prints are bold, memorable and instantly transport you to an African safari. By incorporating zebra striped accents and accessories into your hotel rooms, you can create a space that is exciting, playful and unlike anything your guests have experienced before. Even small touches of zebra print here and there are enough to make a lasting impression.
So next time you book a vacation, see if you can find a hotel that embraces the zebra print trend. Even if it's just in small accents, it adds a fun and whimsical vibe that makes your trip feel more like an adventure. Because when you strip away the mundane and inject some playful patterns, you rediscover that travel is meant to inspire. And what's more inspiring than waking up in a space that ignites your wild side? Unleash your inner zebra and stay somewhere that celebrates standing out from the herd. You'll return home feeling refreshed, recharged and ready to bring out your bold side.