Warning on Importing Zebra Skin Hides Into the United States

It is fair to say we all want a good deal anytime we find ourselves in a purchasing scenario. Saving $10 -$30 is great but what’s even more exciting is saving hundreds of dollars on a good deal RIGHT? But is it though? Heard of the phrase “You get what you pay for” or “You get what you give”? In this article, I will break down some of the most important things a buyer should consider when trying to save a lot of money when it comes to purchasing a Zebra hide.
9 out of 10 you will never receive the grade or quality that has been advertised on the hide you purchased. If you scored yourself a Grade A hide or Trophy hide for 3 digits then I can guarantee you won yourself a beautiful grade C or Level 4 hide. In your eyes, you might not catch it but if we were to put the two grades side by side then man oh man will you notice the difference…  We have seen so many clients getting duped into believing what they have acquired is a top- grade hide meanwhile this is far from the truth.
Zebra Grade Guideline
Have trouble reaching your dealer? Is he or she dodging a call or simply refusing to provide you with a direct phone number? These are some major red flags one should consider when communicating with a dealer supplying Zebra hides. We always urge our clients to make that first call and understand who they’re working with. Ask all the questions and let the answers determine your decision.
If a supplier is not answering your calls or is very defensive when it comes to answering questions or seeing pictures then you need to get out of that deal immediately. It is just not worth it.
Social proof, Social proof, social proof. 97% of customers read through reviews before making a purchasing decision and so should you. Nothing offers more confidence in a transactional decision than understanding what/how other buyers feel about their previous transactions.
If a supplier has no genuine reviews to showcase or client feedback to provide, then you are taking a risk and cannot blame anyone but yourself. Reading through reviews is necessary encourages any potential buyer needing to understand how others feel.
Reviews and feednack
This particular point can be extremely costly if you are not careful. Importing or returning any animal product into and outside the U.S, is a tedious process that requires a lot of documentation ranging from import permits, export permits, taxidermy/treatment declaration etc. Federal department of US Fish and Wildlife will not hesitate to seize your Zebra skin if at any point you appear to be missing vital documentation.

We have seen so many people have their hides held for months and others destroyed because they missed “Treatment declaration” documents and this is just one document out of many. International suppliers don’t even know that these documents are required by the Fish and Wildlife Service so why allow yourself to take a risk and be a part of a costly mistake?
Seized Hides
Ahhh that moment you un-box your hide and realize wait a second, “This is not what I purchased”. Well, this happens a lot, and the worst part is? It is near impossible to return the hide to the seller. You are required by law, to obtain an export permit or documentation from FWS if you need to send that Zebra hide back. How long does this process take? 30-90 days. Yup! You read that right.
You must conduct your research carefully and vet all the suppliers you plan on working with. Avoid at all costs importing hides into the United States as this can cost you more than your initial savings. Dealing with suppliers in the U.S means all importation and paperwork have been handled saving you from any risks that may be encountered while importing.