4 Creative Ways to Repurpose an Old Zebra Skin Rug




When we say “old zebra rug”, we don’t mean a zebra skin rug that was bought 5 years ago. We’re talking about a zebra rug that has been in existence for decades.

Maybe it’s a hand-me-down from grandma or you bought it from an Ebay seller who has zero clue regarding its value and potential.

This zebra rug we’re talking about has obvious patches of wear-and-tear—bald spots, cracks, and stains that have been left to sit since 1978. Don’t give up on that old beauty just yet. You can easily turn it into new treasures! You can even make money out of it.

Here are some of the creative ways to re-purpose an old zebra rug:

Wall Art

You can cut the zebra rug into several sizes of your choosing. But before you do so, we strongly suggest that you create mock cut-outs from an old newspaper, then place those on top of your zebra skin rug. This way, you’ll get a good visual of the outcome you’re aiming for.

You can omit the damaged parts of the rug to get a clean look. But if you want to add interest to your art piece, including the damaged spots will do the trick. It’ll be a perfectly imperfect pièce de resistance.

There are several ways that you can frame a zebra rug...or parts of it. One is by placing it between two acrylic sheets, leaving a transparent border around it. Another one is by wrapping it around a wooden frame.  

Laptop Sleeves

Unleash your inner Etsy-crafter by sewing a few pieces of laptop sleeves. Give or take, you’ll be able to create about 3 to 5 zebra skin laptop sleeves.

Don’t worry about those areas with dried-up stains or bald spots. You can easily cover those by painting a couple of Monstera palm leaves or flowers over them. Not into painting? No problem! Sew a couple of decorative patches on it instead. 


Why not enliven an old furniture that’s begging for a makeover by reupholstering it with a zebra hide? First, a word of caution: it’ll take a little bit of patience and a lot of upholstering technique if you’re using felted zebra rugs. This version has a felt backing that makes the rug lie flat on the floor; it makes the rug less pliable, too.

On the other hand, non-felted zebra skin rugs are easier to work with because they are pliable. Old ones may require rehydration before using it to cover an old stool or small side tables. This may take a good effort, but we promise you the end product is worth it.

Bespoke Zebra Loafers

Loafers that are made with zebra hides has got that timeless appeal that makes them closet staples. But the problem is, most often than not, ready-made pairs will you cost you an arm and a leg.

Get a pair for less by asking a local cobbler to make a bespoke pair for you using your old zebra hide rug. Not only will it be filled with character, it’ll have a better fit, too.

But remember: you always have the option to just lay down your old zebra rug on the floor. It may not be as good as used it to, but it’s still a thing of beauty—flaws and all.


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