7 Ogle-Worthy Modern Interiors with Zebra Skin Rugs

Interior enthusiasts constantly seek inspiration in crafting a marvelous home, peppered with things that would make the owners and guests feel comfortable. And what better way to hunt for ideas than the well-curated homes of the interior design extraordinaire themselves, right? We have compiled below ogle-worthy rooms with exquisite zebra skin rugs created by a couple of style geniuses.

Cecilie Starin designed this luxurious bedroom with Ernest Hemingway in mind. She envisioned it as a place where the famed author will take refuge to finish his masterpiece. Along with other rich hides that adorn the four-poster bed, the zebra skin rug is tucked at the corner of this romantic room facing the San Francisco Bay.  


Ruper Landindinger, owner of RPL Maison, certainly knows how to create exceptional monochromes from his sanctuary to his products packaging. His home in Copenhagen is filled with meaningful possessions that resulted in fine aesthetics. Case in point: a non-felted zebra skin rug below a Poulrholm daybed. The stripes add a hint of welcome diversity to the dual tones, making the room sophisticatedly vibrant.    


There are various iterations in incorporating a zebra rug into an interior mix, and one of those is via a neutral palette. Deep and light colors besiege the living room of this Long Island retreat by Jeff Lincoln. It is one of those trusted elegant-yet-simple designs with a cozy appeal. The felted zebra rug is set at the center along with a tufted ottoman.


Lorence Reveillaud opted for a less-is-more approach in his Madrid home, but with a whiff of dynamism. The immaculate backdrop accentuates the strong colors and exciting clash of patterns in his bedroom. It's like a melting pot of various influences! Beside its typical use, the zebra rug in this room serves as an area to stack magazines on.  


A zebra hide adds further character in this peppy asylum by Zach Motl. This is a great example of a zebra rugs versatility. Each color pairs well with its black and white stripes, resulting in a harmonious and eye-pleasing concoction.  


This study/work area by Amy Corley deserves to be on anyones interior with a zebra rug hit list! Green, pink, and gold takes center stage in this pre-dominantly white arena. Style takeaway: painting the inside of a bookshelf is a great way to highlight the trinkets that you are going to display along with your books.  


The importance of light, blending of pale hues and natural elements dominate this Hollywood Hills home by Mark Sikes. The area rug made of natural fiber is perfectly in sync with each detail, but the inclusion of the zebra rug breaches the monotony. It is an imposing addition to this calming collaboration.  


Even in its roughened form, a zebra rug still makes for a great addition in every home. In fact, a vintage zebra rug can draw more appeal and character as interior designer Amy Corrigan proves in this charming creation. What makes this baby's room great is that it didn't stick to the usual pink or blue color scheme. The design appeals to the adults as well. This can be a room that a child can enjoy for years to come.   Check out our shop for more information about our premium hides! Sponsor: Paulski Art is a dealer of authentic and quality Kuba Cloth Pillows and Kuba Cloths. Make sure to check them out.