6 Alternative Uses for Zebra Rugs



Do you have that urge to go beyond the basic, to push forth the original use of something you've had in a long time? If you have an old zebra hide rug that you want to turn into something other than a gorgeous floor décor in your living room or bedroom, you're in luck! We have collated a couple of alternative uses for your good ol zebra rug permitting that you bought an excellent one, and it's still in almost mint condition, of course.

There are hundreds of ways to use a zebra rug. Below are just 6 of them to start with:  

Turn it into a wall art Why not use it as a wall art? After all, the zebra skin's discordant white and dark brown stripes are, undoubtedly, mesmerizing. It can turn any wall into an instant spectacle! Did you know that the zebra stripes are too gorgeous and striking that it confuses its prey? The phenomenon is known as motion dazzle. The other animals cannot tell how fast the zebras are approaching because of its stripes. The World War I auxiliary U.S. Navy ships were painted in the same colors and pattern because of the aforementioned purpose.  

Ceiling decor Break the rules by placing your zebra rug high above! If you want to imprint a good amount of interest and a little bit of quirky touch in your room, this is one way to go. A tray ceiling would work best with this approach. A flat ceiling is a good candidate, too. If you have the heart to put some holes in your zebra skin rug, you can place an imperial gold chandelier right in the middle. The contrast and effect would be just perfect.  

Ottoman If there's absolutely nothing that can be done to a stain on your zebra rug, breathe some new life into it by converting it into an ottoman such as this one! Having a pro go at it is the best when it comes to this. You don't want to turn a valuable rug into nothing but an expensive regret, right? Unlike the zebra skin used for the ottoman, zebra rugs are felted, therefore less pliable. An expert hand is needed to mold it into another decor masterpiece.  

Mirror Frame Turn a simple mirror into a statement piece by using zebra rug as your frame! Aside from having the aesthetic ability to make your space look big, a good-sized mirror with zebra skin frame can provide the perfect visual depth and can provide a fancy touch to just about any part of your home.  

Headboard A zebra rug transformed into an upholstered clip-corner nail button headboard would be amazing. A black, white, or mirror framed headboard is another great example. You can also have the zebra skin of the framed headboard tufted for a more remarkable appeal.  

Credenza Door Increase your area's vivacity by dressing up an old credenza with zebra rug. Cover the doors with it! The addition of decorative brass nailheads all around is preferred. Renowned interior designer Miles Redd did a pretty glorifying version. His was a lot bigger, actually. He covered his entire living room double doors with zebra skin, and it's fantastic!