Ryan Korban and His Love Affair with Zebra Rug

Ryan Korban, the brilliant self-taught interior designer that has magnificently curated some of the best high-end boutiques and residences, has a thing for zebra rug. He associates it, and the rest of the different skins and furs, with supreme luxe. We think that his fascination doesn't just end with a mere zebra skin because he has an actual full mount at his very own Manhattan apartment!



His keen eye for all things stunning has garnered him a laudable portfolio. His A-list roster of clients include actor James Franco, Jessica Stam, and Natasha Poly. Fashion brands such as Balenciaga, Diesel, and Fivestory all have commissioned him to provide his style of unequivocal luxury in their stores all over New York.


The zebra hide rug has, in a way, become Ryan Korban's trademark. He has placed not one but two zebra rugs in fashion designer Alexander Wang's TriBeCa loft! The monochromed unit, which Korban designed, is an assemblage of rich textures from fine leather to exquisite fur. He has mastered the art of combining textures in a very admirable manner. The merger of various textures slays the ennui of a single color. It makes the whole place look aesthetically attractive, and in Korban's description of the famous fashion maven's place, sexy.


Korban expertly incorporated Diesel Black Gold's trademark edgy rock chic style with his very own design ideology (sex, romance, and fantasy) into the store's interior. The zebra rug, along with the Macassar tables, suede-clad walls, and brass fixtures, remains one of the decor highlights in Diesel's premium store in SoHo.


Ryan Korban's penchant for zebra rug was already evident early on in his career. A zebra rug graced his bedroom in his West Village apartment when The Selby interviewed him back in 2008. The urban upscale interior's touch of deluxe extends to his bed courtesy of the immaculate fur duvet. His ingenuity and dynamism enables him to create a layered space that always has an incredible outcome.


Global art powerhouse, Sotheby's, tapped the creativity of Korban last year for their Designer Showhouse exhibition. Along with other notable interior greats such as Ann Pyne, Daun Curry, Catherine Casteel Olasky, Maximillian P. Sinsteden, Shaler Ladd, Rush Jenkins, and Klaus Baer, Ryan Korban was given free rein to curate an interior using Sotheby's highly impressive collection. Fine sculptures, furniture, and paintings from the 1st century AD until the 20th century were some of the items that the designer worked with. The incredible composition of calculated opulence with a touch of the wild is a testament to the interior designer's brilliance.


Unlike his previous home interior, Ryan Korban's current design scheme is characterized by subdued tones plus a strong symmetry. A play of assorted materials with different tones and textures enhanced the remarkably-designed space. What we love about his style is his ability to incorporate a bit of intrigue and drama to his creations; it makes it all the more fascinating. That factor can be attributed to his design ethos. When it comes to choosing which decor to put in his own abode, the designer once said that he prefers a material that has soul. Ryan Korban is a force to be reckoned with in the world of interior design. There's no doubt about that. We are excited and heavily anticipating his future projects. Whatever it may be, one thing's certain, it will be sumptuously astonishing.