Spotted: Zebra Rugs Inside Celebrities’ Homes

Celebrities—they’re just like us mere commoners who are completely in love with zebra rugs. Some of them at least.

But can you really blame these A-listers?

The aesthetics of zebra skin rugs bring instant charm, texture, luxury, and depth to any interior. It pairs really well with opulent interiors that are filled with richly patterned furnishings, vibrant hues, and intricate details.

But you know what? It breathes life—and warmth—to modern minimalist interiors, too. Zebra hide rugs can even provide a style uptick to even the most mundane of interiors.

Now back to those zebra rug-loving celebs. Let’s take a look at who has a zebra rug in his or her home, and most importantly, how it’s been styled.




Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith  

It’s not at all surprising to see a zebra rug inside Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s adobe-style Malibu house. The stylish couple, after all, has a taste for the finer things in life.

The lone zebra rug is placed in the center of their sitting area, surrounded by natural elements like stone and a variety of beautiful wood.

Can we stop for a moment to swoon over that antique carved door? Breathtaking!




Suzanne Somers

The 65-acre home she shares with Alan Hamel is a luxurious version of a provincial French style country retreat. There are several zebra rugs peppered in different areas of this Palm Springs house.

There’s a vintage felted zebra skin rug in the dining room, one in the master’s bedroom, and another one in the master bedroom’s en suite bathroom.




Greg Bryk

When Canadian actor, Greg Bryk, needed to have his Victorian home renovated, he turned to Tommy Smythe for help. And as expected, the interior design maven did not disappoint!

A huge non-felted zebra skin rug adorns the reading nook surrounded with gorgeous high-gloss walls. The addition of period pieces and patterned drapes turned it into a small space with a big impact.




Lauren Conrad

We can only think of a single word when we saw Lauren Conrad’s Beverly Hills Penthouse. And that word is “posh.” Every part of her home is stamped with calculated chic—from her living room to her enviable walk-in closet.

Sandwiched between the closets filled with what we can safely assume as fashion do’s, is a zebra rug. The black and white beauty stands out against a crisp white background.


Heather Du Plessis Allan zebra rug


Heather Du Plessis Allan

The South African-born radio host’s cottage in Ponsonby (a hip suburb in Auckland, New Zealand) has that lived-in vibe that we adore. She aced mixing old and new pieces as well as solids and patterns in a room to create an eclectic look.

The entire cottage is filled with interesting accessories that truly enlivened the place. One of which is the non-felted zebra skin rug with obvious signs of aging. We love how those little flaws added character to the already character-pumped room.


Do share with us your favorite celebrity interiors with zebra rugs below!