5 3D Wall Panels That Will Make Your Home More Appealing

3D wall paneling injects a visual and tactile appeal that can instantly upgrade a space from ho-hum to fantastic! It has an undeniably wow appeal that captivates anyone’s attention. Why is it so? Let’s take an in-depth look into that for a second…literally. We humans have this amazing part of our vision called stereopsis or 3D vision. It makes us perceive objects in terms of height, weight, and depth – the last part is what makes stereopsis special. It naturally draws our attention to 3D objects. Below are a few examples on how to make your home come alive by incorporating 3D wall panels!  

3D-wall-covering-interior-design-0 source  

3D wall panels come in a multitude of designs, finishes, and colors. Aluminum and vinyl finishes gives the room a pop of sheen as well as a rich, glamorous, and contemporary edge. A woven design is simple yet striking. It’s perfect as a feature wall in a living room. Adding wood in the form of paneling and furniture adds much needed warmth that balances out the bleak effect that the finish brings. You can also opt for a charming bronze tone to keep the cold appearance to a minimum.  



Covering the wall that surrounds your fireplace with cross-laminated wooden 3D panel in dark tone is another stunning option that you can try. See how it adds drama to a room? Gorgeous, right? It can also make the aforementioned wall the most notable feature in that given space. MOKO’s handcrafted wall covering fluidic design above is inspired by the longest river in Europe: the Volga.   The Eames Lounge Chair and zebra skin rug are optional, but you have to admit, they both are exceptional add-ons!  



Bringing the outdoors in are not only limited to adding plants and opening the space with floor-to-ceiling windows. You can also do that through 3D wall coverings! Dress a wall with a faux stack of salvaged cut wood in various sizes. Just don’t make the mistake of doing covering all the walls in a single room with it. It can be too overwhelming and gives out a constricting effect that is most especially a big no in a small area. Choose a specific wall that you want to highlight. It can be the wall behind a large sofa in the living room or a wall partition. You can also do this in one of the walls in your kitchen. It can double as one huge pin board for your daily reminders.  



A room in one solid color doesn’t have to be dull and plain. If you prefer not to disrupt the flow of the hue, but still want to make things a little interesting, the 3D wall panel can provide exactly that. It’s unobtrusive yet still makes its presence known. There’s no substitute for framed artwork, but if you haven’t acquired any yet, a 3D wall panel can be your temporary room’s art piece. On the other hand, if you have an existing art collection, the wall can serve as a beautiful backdrop to hang your precious framed masterpieces on.  



 Maximize the function of a 3D wall panel by making it as your bed’s headboard, too! You can have it slightly dipped with accent lighting on both sides to emphasize its purpose. Making a color contrast between two wall panels can also achieve the same effect.   3D wall panels are spatial pleasers that are gaining popularity nowadays. Before you take the plunge, do a research. Scout for the best fit for your style, space, and of course, budget. Happy hunting!