Grade A Non Felted  

Genuine and striking grade A non-felted hide with a thick mane and excellent contrast in color. The advantage of a non-felted Zebra rug is that it appears more authentic without its felting plus one can re- purpose it for any upholstery work. The downside to a non-felted hide is that direct contact with skin and floor can speed up the aging process over time. Remember though a typical rug lasts 20-30 years.

- Grade A Felted -

Grade A felted hides are the most sought after hides and our top selling rugs. A grade below the trophy, this hide features minimal imperfections/scars that are hardly noticeable from a distance. Hand selected, the colors, contrast, and lines are just perfect. Typical grade A measures around 8 ft 6 inches by 6 feet with a bordered black felting that measures around 2 inches.


Elegant and unique hardwood frame construction, evoking a colonial and classic English persona to suit all interiors. This hardwood framed zebra ottoman features a 70% authentic Grade A Zebra skin rug top with a genuine leather siding upholstered to perfection. Sheltering the leather lining are double tacked antique-brass nail-heads.

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