5 Impressive Winter Retreats

Since Jack Frost’s icy power is still burgeoning and will probably linger until April, many are still looking for that impressive winter retreat to cozy up to while others dream about them. For the latter, don’t you worry; everything starts with a great dream and an even greater follow through!  Below are a few of the hundreds of winter places to stay at that will make your vacation very cool rather than just simply bone-biting chilly.



Juvet Landscape Hotel - Norway

Situated at Valldal - a north-western town in Norway  - is a structure that boasts of minimalism and a high reverence to the surrounding environment. The interior is intentionally designed in an understated yet elegant manner to highlight the surrounding scenery. Floor-to-ceiling windows capture the magnificent natural reserve. The owner of the Juvet Landscape Hotel, Knut Slinning, commissioned Norwegian architectural firm Jensen & Skodvin to create individual cabins that are thoughtfully distributed along the area. No two cabins are alike; and to ensure utmost privacy, “no room looks into another” according to the Slinning. The best feature of the Juvet Landscape Hotel is its respect for nature. The rooms are built following the natural lineament of the terrain. In other words, no rocks were hurt during the construction of the magnificent hotel. Now that is cool!



Eco Pod Hotel - Switzerland

The Eco Pod Hotel is a charming winter retreat in Flims, Switzerland. Though small, the pods by Robust Outdoor Brands are built with utmost comfort in mind. They are made of sustainable materials, are properly insulated, have solar heating, solar ventilation, and nicely appointed with some more basics. Sorry, but the cute wooden huts don’t come with a toilet, though. The portable, compact green pods come in two varieties: two-bed and three-bed. The Eco Pod Hotel was built to promote sustainable tourism in the aforementioned country.



Hotel Kakslauttanen - Finland

The glass igloos of Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort are built to make any one swoon. If that doesn’t do the trick for you, maybe a clear sighting of the Aurora Borealis will! Afraid of the chill factor? No problem! The igloos are built with a thermal glass, and the temperature inside is maintained at a comfortable level all throughout the year. It also keeps the glass from frosting so that the guests will have a spectacular view of the Northern Lights. Each igloo is equipped with comfortable beds and bathrooms, sans showers. The minor amenity issue can immediately be solved by booking a log cabin situated within the property as well. A bevy of winter activities awaits the fortunate patrons! There’s a nearby Santa’s Village for the kids, reindeer rides, and ice-fishing!



Fireside Resort - Wilson, Wyoming

Modern homesteader cabins with a beautiful rustic appeal rest on the grounds of Jackson Hole campground in Wilson, Wyoming. The Fireside Resort is popular during both the winter and summer months. The cabins are fitted with amenities to ensure optimum comfort such as first-class mattress with European-style duvets, fireplace, and a well-equipped kitchen to name a few. Pets are very much welcome, too!  


Chalet Brickell - Rhône-Alpes, France

Designer and developer Pure Concept’s Chalet Brickell is a upscale chalet with exceptional amenities that includes a home theatre, indoor pool with a scenic view, hair salon, Jacuzzi, and a ski room. The first class treatment also includes a helicopter transfer, a private chef, and a housekeeper. With all those exceptional points, it is expected that the 1,300 square meter magnificent winter retreat at Megève (a commune in the region of Rhône-Alpes) comes with a steep price, right? How steep? Around 6 figures…per week!