7 Reasons Why Statement Area Rugs Can Give Your Home A Vital Spark



Incorporating a statement piece into an interior design mix, more often than not, is limited to what one can immediately see upon entering the room. The usuals are walls and furniture. Unfortunately, what’s below eye level is often overlooked even though one fabulous statement area rug is all it takes to give even the simplest of home a vital spark! Area rugs can provide more than just extra warmth to a space, provide good cushioning, and prevent unfortunate slips. We will give you a good count as to why statement area rugs can be a great addition to your home:

  1. Up the ante

A statement area rug, just like any other featured segment or item in a room, can immediately hoist the room’s overall vibe. It can make a modest, stark room highly interesting, and can make a lavish room extra exciting!  

2. Accentuate the theme

Going for an animalier look? Throw in a luxurious zebra rug or a lion skin into the jumble to accentuate the theme and coalesce the room together! Are you into a geometric-themed space? Lay a honeycomb textured statement rug on your floor. You don’t need to overstuff your room to emphasize the theme you are going for. A statement rug can do the trick real well. It can easily set the mood of any given space.  

3. Opposite attract

You can also go for the opposite touch to give the room an edge. For example: Including a zebra hide rug to a bohemian-inspired interior can instantly give it an exotic appeal.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with interior theme mashups. Rugs are one of the easiest to modify in a room if you feel like doing so. They are quite forgiving, too! Painting walls takes a lot of time and effort, and let’s face it, you can’t just take it out if it doesn’t work well with the rest of the room.  

4. Command attention

If you are worried to highlight an area rug as the important aspect of a room given its position, don’t! A great statement area rug can command a good presence and attention. A striking rug pattern or color can immediately pull the attention towards it. Neutrals can also have that kind of appeal especially if they are textured (such as a jute rug, sisal, and braided wool) or oddly shaped.  

5. Add an artistic feel

An exemplary rug with a great design is an art piece in itself; a floor artwork that can be passed on through generations…as long as they’re well cared for, of course. It may not have the appeal of a Basquiat or a Picasso, but it can evoke an optical illusion that will make the room invigorating and make the area look expensive.  

6. Size matters

Small patterns can enliven the room and make it spacious, too. On the contrary, bold, vibrant patterns will make the room appear snug. A rug should be large enough to anchor the area together, and make it look larger. In the dining room, the area rug should be large enough to fit the essential furniture of the room: dining table and chairs. Using a single large statement area rug will create an illusion of extra space instead of using a couple of small rugs.  

7. Adds personality

The room’s in order, well-designed, flawless. But there’s something missing; something that will add personality to the room and extend to the rest of the house. A statement area rug can do just that. Remember: What you choose defines you. It will always boil down to that. It is your personal punch that will make your home amazing.  Embrace it and choose wisely.