9 Amazing Man Caves

Add sophisticated luxe to a testosterone-filled space, and you’ll end up having a gorgeous man cave. It doesn’t take a genius to know that having a handsome home provide benefits beyond the aesthetics.  Let’s enumerate its advantages for the bachelors, shall we?
  1. A beautifully-designed interior will increase the value of your property
  2. It’s a stress-reliever! Looking at a beautiful interior calms the nerves
  3. It’s one way to showcase a man’s identity
  4. And of course, it scores very well with the ladies

We’ve scoured the web for the best man cave ideas that will make you phone your interior pro pronto!  



Aristocratic brute is what the NoLIta apartment above emanates. Designed by Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors, the monochrome space is a visual wonder with its fusion of contrasting textures and fine furnishings. Who says monochrome is mundane?  



If you’ve got the view, flaunt it! Frame that amazing view with a huge wall of plate glass window. Bringing the outdoors in is a Frank Lloyd Wright signature move that we adore. An interior need not always be dark in order to be considered as masculine. Masculinity is discernible in textures and materials, not just in a certain color. A minimalist-designed bedroom with subdued bright wall and sleek furnishing can be ultra hunky, too.  



Why not inject an industrial setting with your favorite prepubescent obsession? The Captain America shield is a welcoming pop of surprise amidst a brawny surrounding composed of plush leather, rustic unfinished walls, brass-clad aluminum steamer trunk, and pipe shelving unit.  



We expect nothing less than a man cave extraordinaire from designer Thom Browne. His Manhattan apartment is testament to a real connoisseur. The living room is outfitted with décor by Jacques Adnet, T. H. Robsjohn-Gibbings, Michael Hainey, and Dunbar. Subdued elegance is what makes this place sexy.  



A multitude of themes can take a space from ho-hum to interesting. A word of caution, though - it takes a certain amount of brilliance to juxtapose extremes such as vintage with current. Soft fusion is an important factor in making it work. A pad peppered with a bulk of dated pieces should only have a handful of modern ones to keep the appeal of the fusion strong.  


Sometimes, all you need are a few hues to make a room superb! An important factor to take note of here is this seven-letter word: texture. Velvet, metal, fur, leather, and wood in various depths of shades collate into an exquisite visual. The single-colored wall’s monotony is inchoated by painted brickwork. Oh, and don’t leave the floor of a vast room bare! Get an exquisite rug that will tie the room together perfectly.  



A loft-type abode with impressive toys for the big boys are part and parcel of an amazing man cave. The layout is perfect for a simple night with a handful of good friends and big enough for a weekend of heavy high jinks. The space offers the visuals of the outdoors thanks to an abundance of windows.



Black denotes mystery, control, and above all, power. Not all predominantly black rooms have a dungeon-like aura. The one above has a calming effect that’s perfect for a good night’s rest. The clean lines of the furnishings and the focal point being in lighter shade made the room less stark than it should.  



This place obviously doesn’t scrimp on plush amenities that will make every man ditch the clicker. The regal space has a well-stocked bar, an entertainment center on the second floor, and a mini basketball court! Anybody can have a 75” LED screen TV, but only the rare few can have a basketball court inside their unit. Admit it. This is a different level of cool.