Brilliant Ideas That Will Make Your Thanksgiving Table Look Interesting

You’re reading this because either Netflix is down or you are looking for a great way to make your Thanksgiving table look extra interesting and festive, too! If it’s the latter, relax, we got this. Each year, we are reminded to give our utmost thanks to the people, things, and events that we cherish most in our lives. This is why Thanksgiving is one of the most significant and meaningful holidays to be observed, and the most anticipated! Inside one’s home, the dinner table is the center of the celebration. It is where you say your grace, give thanks, laugh at each others’ stories, and devour great food to your heart’s content. So, it’s just about right to make yours look very interesting this Thanksgiving. Here are some quick tips!  

Play with Pumpkins

Orange is nice, but it’s very basic. Why not go for the other pumpkin colors this year? How about a Jarrahdale pumpkin or the vibrant Rouge Vif d’estampes?



You can mix a couple of pumpkins in various sizes together for a magnificent, modern centerpiece just like the one above. Place a few on a large platter, and then add a vase with a couple of flowers. Simple. Clean. Beautiful.   Thanksgiving-Table-Setting-Give-Pumpkin-Vase source

Add a Midas touch to your pumpkins this year! Carve out a medium-sized (do a couple if your dining table is bigger) lumina pumpkin, and then cover the lower bottom with gold paint. Place fresh flowers inside your lovely Thanksgiving pumpkin vase, and voila! Instant table stunner!  

Thanksgiving-Table-Setting-Lucite source Thinking of a more minimal Thanksgiving table setting this year? You can have bronze branch candelabra as your centerpiece; surrounded it with white stoneware sets topped with baby bear pumpkins. In one word, we can describe this Lucite table and zig zag chairs with the aforementioned setting as amazinglybeautifulnodoubtaboutit.  

Get Personal

Make your guests feel special with a little personal touch such as name cards. Name cards don’t just indicate where they are seated; it will make them feel that the seat is reserved just for him. Thanksgiving-Table-Setting-Wishbone-Napkin-rings source

True to the Thanksgiving tradition of cracking a wishbone or furcula, pick a napkin holder that resembles this significant article. Put a name card (preferably handwritten) in between the ring and the napkin.  

Thanksgiving-Table-Setting-cloth source

Here’s a brilliant Thanksgiving table setting idea with a coolness level of 9, and an interesting level of 9.5! In lieu of name cards, lay out a chalkboard tablecloth and write down the names of your guest above each dinnerware set!  



This will cause you a little extra, but we’re pretty sure your guests will love you for it! Have their silhouettes printed! For extra awwww, write a little thank you note at the back.  

Give a Message

Accentuate the meaning of the occasion by giving your guests messages of thanks or having them list down the things there are grateful for. This simple trick will leave a big and long lasting impact to your guests.



Make hearts melt on the onset, and mean it! Instead of a note, go the extra mile by picking a plate with a beautiful Thanksgiving message.



Go ahead and remind your guests that “everyday above the ground is a good day.” Place a chalkboard or two with gratitude words, idioms, or expressions. By the way, we love the monochrome theme of the table setting above!



Before you fill yourself good with that fine turkey, have your guests list down the important things they’re grateful for on their Give Thanks stationery! “Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.” Thanks for visiting our site! Happy Thanksgiving!