Easy Tips on Buying a Zebra Skin

Zebra's are magnificent animals that are naturally found in numerous African national parks with Savannah type ecosystem. The Equus Burchell zebras are in their millions and in some countries exceed a sustainable population. Because some countries have legalized the trading of zebra rugs, more and more people are finding themselves enjoying the immaculate beauty of a zebra hide right in their own homes.

Here are some of the tips that you will find useful before and when buying a Burchell zebra hide; The first thing to know or try to establish is the color of the animal. Is it white with black stripes or is it Coco brown with white stripes? More than that, you will need to note that the spectacular colors of this animals skin in not black and white but rather dark brown and white. Every zebra has a unique pattern which they even use to identify each other in the wild.

The average zebra rug normally measures 9 feet by 6 feet. This means that before buying one, you need to first know where it will be placed. Aside from using them as floor mats, the hide can be used for other alternative means. You can hang hides on the wall or even use as material to decorate items such as footstools, chairs, sofas and cushions. There is simply no end to the numerous things you can do with a zebra rug. It is good to note that only registered and licensed dealers are allowed to trade in these rugs. You should therefore insist to know whether the vendor has been licensed to purchase and sell these hides.

Failure to establish this can lead you to buying poached zebra skins or face legal issues. With every sale or purchase of a zebra skin, comes legal documents that are required and provided to each buyer. This simply means that for the zebra rug you are buying, the seller should have particular documents and details pertaining to the hide that can be used and inspected by government officials. You should first establish all of these things before you actually buy the skin.

Normally, zebra hide rugs are graded according to their quality. The top grade is the Trophy Grade. It does not have any flaws and it will cost you quite a chunk of money. On average a trophy grade will run you nearly $2400. Next is the grade A category. These are still in very good condition and will sometimes come with one or two flaws.

The following grade is B, whose flaws are obvious upon inspection. They are the best rugs to buy if all you want is a good looking zebra rug to use in your home. They are also very affordable. The last category is Grade C which has a lot more blemishes. This is usually a used skin or one that has more damage to it and should be avoided if what you want is a great looking hide. The other thing to factor in when buying zebra rugs is whether they are felted or not. Many of the customers will prefer the felted ones because they are resistant and will last longer than the non-felted rugs. Resource: Zebra skin hide rug