Summerize Your Space: Tips for a Seasonal Switch

The days are longer, the sun is shining, and you've got the itch to freshen up your space for the summer season. Who wants to be cooped up inside when summer is in full swing? Make the most of the warmer months by summerizing your home. Open the windows, let the fresh air flow through, and brighten up your space with a few simple changes.

In just a weekend, you can transform your place into a breezy summer oasis. Think light, bright, and minimal. Pack up the heavy blankets, dark decor, and anything else that screams winter hibernation. Replace them with crisp linens, beachy accents, and potted greenery. Your summer sanctuary awaits! The summer solstice is upon us—let the summerizing begin! 
Declutter and Clean: A Fresh Start
Decluttering and deep cleaning your space is the perfect way to start fresh for summer. Go room by room and get rid of anything you don’t need or haven’t used in a while. Have bags or boxes on hand to donate, recycle and trash items. Once everything is sorted, do a sweep of dusting, wiping down surfaces and vacuuming. Your space will feel instantly lighter and more inviting.
Open up your windows and use natural light whenever possible. Replace heavy curtains with breezy sheers or drapes to let the sunshine in. Getting more natural light will boost your mood and motivation.
Swap out your linens, rugs, towels and any other textiles for lighter, breathable options. Cotton or linen are great for summer. Don’t forget to wash everything to eliminate built-up dust before putting the seasonal items away.
Once everything is refreshed and reorganized, add in decorative accents to complete the summery feel – citrus-scented candles, greenery, colorful artwork or a fresh bouquet of flowers. Enjoy your new seasonal space and the uplifted mood that comes with it! A few simple changes can make a world of difference.
Bring the Outdoors In: Natural Decor
Bringing natural elements into your home is an easy way to lighten up your space for summer.
Add houseplants. Having living greenery instantly makes a room feel fresh and summery. Look for tropical plants like palm, fern, or orchid that can handle the warmer months. Group a few together on your table, mantel or floor for maximum impact.
Use natural fibers. Replace heavy rugs, throws and upholstery with lighter options made of cotton, linen, jute or seagrass. These breathable, casual fabrics complement the relaxed vibe of summer.
Bring in wood accents. Whether it’s a rustic wooden tray, candle holder or decorative box, natural wood adds warmth and texture. Driftwood, bamboo and rattan are great sustainable choices. By incorporating natural materials and bringing the outdoors in, you'll have a relaxed, summery space in no time. Best of all, you don’t have to do a major overhaul or spend a lot to achieve it. With a few simple touches, you can refresh your home for the new season.
Stay Cool: Temperature Tips and Tricks
Use Fans and Keep the Air Moving. One of the best ways to stay cool in the summer without running up your energy bill is using fans. Place fans strategically around your home, especially in the rooms you use the most. Run ceiling fans counterclockwise at higher speeds to keep the air circulating. Use box fans in windows or portable fans to pull the hot air out and bring cooler air in.
Keep fans on 24/7 for the best results. The constant air flow will make the ambient temperature feel cooler than it actually is.
Arrange fans to create cross-ventilation by having them blow hot air out open windows while pulling cooler air in from the opposite side of the room.
Make sure fans are properly dusted since built-up dust reduces their efficiency. Dust them regularly or take them apart once a season for a deep clean.
Dress for the Season
What you wear in the summer can significantly impact your comfort level. Choose loose, breathable and lightweight clothing made of natural, cooling fabrics like cotton to stay more comfortable in the heat.
Wear shorts, tank tops, sleeveless shirts and linen pants. Loose dresses and skirts for women also allow for more airflow. Moisture-wicking athletic fabrics that dry quickly are excellent for summer since they keep you dry if you perspire. Don’t forget accessories like sunglasses, sun visors or hats and flip flops or sandals. They’ll keep you feeling cooler while also protecting you from the sun.
Using a few tricks to manipulate the temperature in your home and staying cool with proper breathable summer attire will have you relaxing and enjoying the summer season with ease. Staying on top of little things like running fans, opening and closing windows at optimal times and choosing temperature-appropriate clothing are simple ways to “summerize” your space.
With these, you have easy ways to refresh your home for the summer season. Whether you swap out throw pillows, add greenery with houseplants or outdoor cuttings, or create a seasonal centrepiece for your table, making small changes can have a big impact. Best of all, if you keep things simple you'll be able to switch it all back once fall rolls around. Summer goes by fast, so make the most of it by creating an inviting space to relax and recharge. Before you know it you'll be pulling on sweaters and craving pumpkin spice everything. Happy Summer!