The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Stripes For Decor

The versatility, elegance and boldness that stripes bring into a space is unmatched. Whether laid on the floor, on the walls or in fabric or upholstery, stripes visually lead the eye away, creating a neat space-enhancing trick. In a former article, we saw how when zebras stand together in a huge group in the savannah, their striped patterns cause a dazzling effect to the eyes, hence why a group of zebras is called a dazzle.


If I was to be very honest, there is no limit to what stripes can do, as they have the ability to make a room feel intimate or expansive, minimalist or collected, casual or refined. In many cases, especially in hotels and lounges, they can feel playful and modern, or classically sophisticated. Vertical stripes, therefore, make rooms look taller, while horizontal stripes make rooms look wider – or longer – depending on where you are standing. All it takes is one. One exceptional piece of décor to completely transform your spaces. This is where crude meets class, marries in wabisabi and vows to be perfectly imperfect in nature. An ultra-modern gleam. The ultimate balance.


“I love a wild animal print. Not just a leopard print—I’m talking about a tiger or zebra print, too.” – Tan France

That being said, there are also several reasons why you should hurry up and start using stripes in your décor!

  1. Makes a Room Appear Grander

Ever walked into a room and the first look knocks you out because of the impressive looking size or general effect? That is exactly what stripes can do. It transforms any room into a richer and much more superior quality. Appearance matters, and when it comes to Interior design, the aim is to help uplift our spirits while also effectively optimizing the available space in our homes.


Stripes play an important role in making our lives and lifestyles today more modern and stylish. That’s just the thing about stripes! It is literally the ultimate ‘take your breath away’ décor. It has its very own distinction, and allows you explore the wild side of you on a larger, crazier scale.

  1. Character Addition

Lines create a lot of personality when used in interior décor. They create boundaries, create character and dimension and time and again, have proven to be a way to decorate outside the normal, safe constraints of interior design.


Zebra print is more neutral than you think, and can easily add a touch of arbitrary but attentiveness to your current furnishings. Animal Prints have proven to be the most interesting and fun decorating style for the adventurous soul. This wonderful choice of design can be wild or tame, exaggerated or subdued, and still give the look that all homeowners want. A touch of unique.

  1. Creates a Flooring with a Visual Trick

Looking at the latest trends in Interior design, geometric patterns, landscape scenery, abstract shapes, human and animal figures have grown in popularity. This has led to monochromatic styles, Mid Century Modern, bringing the outside in, minimalism, lower level living, less is more concepts and many others. To our advantage, it has left enough space for the expansion our imaginations, to add visually appealing sets to moody color palettes.


Patterns inspired by zebras make high-impact statements as floor coverings., while being careful to prevent it from overwhelming a room. The black and white accent comes out strong when paired with bold colors.  This classic pattern tends to visually elongate and widen a room, just as floorboards do. Striped zebra rugs against an otherwise plain background is a powerful tool in interior architecture, with the effect of redirecting the eye and reshaping a space.

  1. Make them an Upholstery Focal Point

Decorating with animal print is both new and very popular, and older than the oldest civilizations. It is always exciting to think about how history repeats itself, in the classical reappearing of the ways our ancestors decorated their homes. Upholstery is basically the work of attaching a furniture frame with padding, cushioning, and fabric or leather textile covers.


No matter what your basic style in home furnishings is, zebra stripes décor can add touches that truly speak to you and your guests. Just imagine a pair of matching armchairs upholstered in a classic Grade A zebra hide to compliment your sleek black coffee table that adds definition and grounds the elegant scheme of your living room. Now that is a site to look out for!

 A lot may have been said and done especially when using stripes décor, but one thing we should always remember is that not everyone will achieve the same look. The versatility! The variations! The Innovations! Stripes will always create an illusion to a space, different with every placement. They are a fun way to set up a new look in different spaces, and because they are so visually arresting, it is better to use just three colors in any single space decorated with stripes – a main color and two accents – plus, of course, white.

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