Top 3 Places to Décor With Runners at Home

Home décor is the essence of homes all over the world. This is a practice that has gone on for centuries, with the items in one’s home denoting their status in society, community or creativity.  Individuals plan unique decoration ideas that make their space quite distinct from the rest. Not forgetting that this is also a show of someone’s taste… preferences. Globally, more and more people have developed an interest for home décor, especially the natural life style type of ambience, whose items and elements are not such a task to find anymore. Nature provides freely. All you need is innovation to know which features make your home stand out.  

"Nature of the space: mimicking the spatial qualities of natural environments to enhance or evoke human responses.”

-Oliver Heath

One of these many items is the runner. A runner is basically a form of rug; usually narrow lengths of cloth that are placed at the center of the table, as a decorative item that goes well with the décor. Simply the perfect way to add both style and comfort to all spaces, especially small cozy ones. Runners however are very versatile and can be put anywhere that allows their beauty to elegantly and tastefully align the décor of a home.


Like everything you set your eyes upon, runners also have a history. This one sets stone in the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages or medieval period lasted approximately from the 5th to the late 15th centuries. It began with the fall of the Western Roman Empire and transitioned into the Renaissance and the Age of Discovery. Apparently, these medieval folks were pretty sloppy, hence the invention of the table cloth.

The tablecloth was considered an aristocratic innovation, but it needed protection from lively and careless royal revelers who spilled, drooled and made a mess! For old time’s sake, I am sure that the wise women responsible for laundering linens came up with the innovative idea for the table runner in an effort to save the tablecloths from unnecessary laundering. Strength of a woman indeed.


These long, narrow pieces of cloth now known as “table runners” were placed over the tablecloths. They were gathered up at the end of the meal for washing while the tablecloths remained intact and clean. The table runner along with tablecloths became fixtures in everyone’s collection of linens by the 15th century.

There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Throughout history up to this time, breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way has been a driving force for humanity. Today, these runners have changed in designs, colors and material, and are used to create a graceful atmosphere to spaces, aside from the original use on the table. Below are examples of amazing ways to décor with your runners, only difference is... ours are made of 100% authentic zebra hide. Invaluable.

Different Ways of Using Runners

The versatility of this décor piece is refreshing, because it allows for change and experiments. Who doesn't love changing up stuff once in a while to make it feel different. Something old, something new. Here are a few ways you could use your zebra hide runners to accentuate your homes. 

  1. Staircase

If your home has an indoor staircase, then aren’t you blessed among men! The elegance it adds to any property is unbeatable. Imagine this: a runner flowing stylishly down the steps, changing your stairway from simple to ornate.


They act as the single investment to master home décor ideas. I would dream of a home with high ceilings and a monochromatic tone with stony and woody hues, and a zebra rug gracing the marble floor steps. So Flinstone-sy! They bring the pop of colors to brighten up any room without additional element use.

  1. Hallway

Homes with long hallways are the best to effortlessly decorate with runners. These spaces have a common shape to the runner, so styling decisions can be made pretty quickly. The importance of hallways has become wildly appreciated, but often a luxury. 


They create a breathing space and a noticeable flow of energy, giving you the impression of space and openness. The runners lead you on a decorative journey of your home, engulfed in natural tones and peaceful vibes with art, artefacts, plants and earth. Effortless glamour with no additional elements required. 

  1. Dining Area

The original table runner placement. The one that has existed for years. There are two ways of placing your runner in the dining area of your home. First, you could place runners below the dining chairs to add both lavishness and comfort. If you think about it, instead of spending a lot of money to buy a full size carpet that can get hectic to clean, the runner as a rug below will supplement the comfort of enjoying every meal served ahead on the table. You can always experience warmth and comfort with a beautiful rug placed below your feet.


Alternatively, you could use the runner as it was intended all those years ago. On the table. They especially look amazing when used under other decorative items by helping to draw the eye toward the display while also serving as an anchor for multiple accents laid out.  Use them to create visual balance for full place settings, a backdrop for a piece of art, unified decorative elements or simply to make a design statement. The most popular way to use table runners is to place them lengthwise in the center of the table or over the tablecloth to cover the full length, or a shorter length if you are looking to compliment an eccentric centerpiece.

Creativity is just intelligence having fun. You could too. What if I told you that you could have it all! The perfect zebra skin runner, one of it own kind and 100% authentic! Nature giving back to your home's wellness, as East to West, home is best. Make it yours, a haven of comfort and unmitigated beauty. Place more than one runner across the width of the table, put it on the floor near your bed, your hallways, bedrooms and as history dictated, the table. Your choices are boundless with zebra hide runners.