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Enjoying the Black and White Beauty of a Zebra Skin Rug at Home

Zebras are definitely animals that have remarkable colors. Every other person even the one who sees everyday will be amazed every time at just how amazing this animal is. Well, when it comes to zebra skin rug, you will need to know some facts so that you place yourself in a better position in general knowledge and also when it comes to buying. It is the Equus Burchelli zebras that provide the numerous pelts you find in homes and shops. They are sourced from the plains of Africa and their beauty stays the same years after you have bought them. When you come to critically checking out the colors of a zebra, you get to appreciate the difference that exists...

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Difference between Felted and Non-Felted Zebra Skin Rug

Zebras are a symbol of just how African savannah is replete with wildlife and excitement. Zebras are in plenty and with their black stripes; you really can’t take your eyes off them. In some African countries, the selling of the zebra skin rugs is legal. However, the zebra skins that are allowed to be sold are those of Equus Burchelli. They are in their millions and the authorities give an allowance for the culling. Culling involves controlled killing with the supervision of the government. Zebras are herbivores and as such they are prime preys of big cats and crocodiles especially because of their body size. Because they often encounter with these cats, it is quite normal to come across a...

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