6 Chic Home Mini-Bar Ideas That Will Give You A Good Buzz

A mini-bar bar is one of the most archetypical inclusions to any home. It is, undoubtedly, a gentleman’s leisure corner. Your home bar may not always be as grand as the Metallic Bar by London-based architects Zaha Hadid (we wish that it is for our home, though), but it can just be as chic! We’ve listed some of the best home mini bars for you to gather inspiration from below. Do not underestimate the decorative and functional power of these home mini-bars. They are small, yes, but they are definitely incredible!




Unusual Corner Home Mini-Bar

Utilizing that versatile yet tricky space under the stairs can be quite an interior hallelujah. Placing a mini bar in that spot is an innovative and practical move especially if your abode is dimensionally challenged. For it to fully conform to the space's unusual angles, a customized version is the logical choice. Make it standout by making the backdrop gleam! Covering the wall in metallic mosaic tiles creates an instant feel of opulence and elegance. Other inclusions such as a sink and wine cooler are optional, but we cannot discount how much they are appreciated.  




Awkward Space Home Mini-Bar

Here's another clever way to put an awkward space to good use! If you have existing display cabinets, congratulations! You only need to purchase under-the-counter beverage coolers and a couple of bar must-haves (glassware, measuring tools, drinks, bitters, etc.), and you’re all set! Although small, this booze patch is packed with tip-top necessities of a modern home mini-bar, and that includes a good lighting that sets the mood right in the space.  



Stylish Cabinet Home Mini-Bar

Tired of the old bar carts? Go for a cocktail cabinet instead! It can’t get any chicer than this! A cabinet cum mini-bar is practical, discreet, and stylish. The greatest benefit? You can reuse it once you’ve grown tired of its main purpose. You don’t really need to splurge on a new one; unless you really want to, of course. Revamping a dated piece that you’ve hard for years will be just as great, even better in our book, actually. The old world charm influence attached to it makes it extra gorgeous and special.



Credenza Home Mini-Bar

A compact mini-bar comes in a horizontal form, too! Setting up your own mixing station at home doesn’t equal a copious amount of greenbacks. A home mini-bar such as this wall-mounted credenza can be easily DIYed. You can opt to add a beverage cooler concealed by cabinet on one end of the existing furniture piece for a sleek, contemporary look. It serves its purpose well without disrupting the interior design’s theme. This is perfect for apartments and other small homes. For such areas, it’s better to make a multi-purpose unit that will be a dream, all-in-one entertainment center.   Home-Bar-Inspiration-1


Repurposed Home Mini-Bar

Speaking of DIYs, here’s an ingenious home mini-bar worth recreating. It is a console-type vintage television repurposed into a cocktail cabinet. The enclosed part maybe meager in terms of having slots for your precious bottles, but the aesthetic punch is clearly sublime; plus, you can always clear the top for those. Lining the interior makes the console extra deluxe.     Home-Bar-Inspiration-7


Artwork Home Mini-Bar

A home mini-bar that doubles as an art piece is not too shabby either. Not so shabby at all! It is an interesting piece that can be a definite conversation starter. The Dime bar cabinet above (named as such because the design resembles a spinning coin) is visually appealing and truly useful. It comes equipped with 14 bottle racks!   If you're ever wondering why some people opt to have a mini-bar at home, take Benjamin Franklin's words to heart: “In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is Freedom, in water there is bacteria.” To that, we say, cheers!