6 Considerations to Make When Making Zebra Skin Interiors

If you are fond of animal prints specifically zebra skin rugs, then you should read this article.  We will try to give you some tips on how to incorporate this specific pattern in your interior design plans without any difficulty.  Hopefully, you will be able to get some ideas from this article so let you would not have further difficulties when it comes to color matching and overall interior design planning in the future.

Consider the Room
The first thing that you need to take into consideration is the room that you would want to use the zebra skin rug in.  You need to ask yourself if the rug will fit the entire theme you have in mind for your room. Since zebra skin rugs are generally big enough to occupy an entire room floor, you ought to ask yourself what exactly you would want to do with the rug.  Would you like to use it as a carpet?  Or as tapestries for the windows?  Either way, you have to consider the sheer size of the rug and the room itself.

Find Your Focal Point

When going with a zebra skin motif for your room, it is best to focus on one central furniture set in the whole room first.  For example, if you want to use the zebra stripes on the couch, you can do so.  Always remember to not overdo it.  Zebra stripes are elegant patterns if they are focused on one central object alone.  If you see too many zebra stripes in one room, it might get confusing and disorienting for people who might want to enter the room.

Think of Color Schemes to Match
In addition to this, you also have to be ready to figure out about color schemes that meet your aesthetic requirements when it comes to interior design.  These schemes should match your overall color patterns which includes the zebra skin rug stripes. Fortunately for you, black and white tend to match all the other colors in the color wheel perfectly.  So you would not have any problems finding a matching color scheme if you plan to use your zebra skin rug as a base.

Just Be Subtle

The key here is subtlety.  If you were to ask me just the best way to go just about designing your own animal themed room would be to go for subtle colors.  Earth tones like brown, beige and green will definitely compliment your zebra skin rugs nicely.

Think of Maintenance
In addition, it can also be suggested that you use your zebra skins in a room that will require you to give the most maintenance to.  Why do I say this?  Because zebra skin rugs tend to be high maintenance when it comes to cleaning.  So you would have to pay particular attention to dust accumulation in your zebra skin room if you ever plan to take that route when it comes to interior design.

Consider Personalities

In addition, do not be afraid to incorporate your own personality when it comes to interior design.  If you are doing this for a client, make sure that you have an idea as to who the person is and what he or she likes and dislikes when it comes to patterns and colors.  If he likes animal prints, it is safe to say that you can go bold and adventurous in your color choices for this particular room. Using zebra hide printed rugs can definitely sparked controversy especially with the animal rights activists.  So anyone who ever decides to use this kind of pattern surely has boldness and courage in him.  Generally, people who are fond of using zebra skin rugs don’t really care about what other people think.  As an interior designer you should capitalize on these traits.


These are the reasons why it is important to know your client first.  You will be able to match the overall theme in style of the room not only with the zebra skin rug but also with the personality of your client as well.  Do not be afraid to experiment as an interior designer but also to your client’s wishes into consideration.  You will surely be appreciated as an interior designer if you are able to customize your designs accordingly.