David Collins: A Design Genius

David Collins saw himself as a visionary architect with a passion to create bespoke masterpieces. He refused to follow a trend or do something that the majority fancy. Instead, he followed his own design instincts, and that made him one of the most sought-after architects in the world. The Irish-born architect originally wanted to become a lawyer, but the degree required Latin during that time a subject he was not quite fond of. Because of his fondness for clothes, he thought of pursuing a career in fashion, but his parents were against it. Following the footsteps of his father was not part of his initial plan, but he still ended up as an architect, and a great one at that. Chef Pierre Koffmann commissioned him to design his restaurant in 1985, and more big projects came after that. Hotels, restaurants, homes, and boutiques where stamped with his remarkable design approach. Below are some of these:



Dated pieces juxtaposed with the bespoke David Collins Studio furniture adorn the elegant five bedroom villa in London. Accomplished in 2008, the home features an array of colors and textures that evokes the luxurious ambiance that the architect is known for. A Pierre Bobot lacquered four panel screen along with intricately-designed chandeliers by David Collins Studio is one of the many striking elements that makes this space magnificent.




Another amazing residential project in London takes on a contemporary approach, but still with a good amount of character and elegance. The astutely maneuvered composition is dominated by neutral tones and sleek lines. Unnecessary intricacies are avoided, and the ornaments are subdued to the basics. The furniture in the 1790 square meter home were all exclusively designed for this particular residence by David Collins Studio.


At 314 meters, the Ritz-Carlton Residences is dubbed as the tallest building in the whole of Thailand. Each of the 200 residence units interior design was masterfully created by David Collins, taking into consideration the owners specific needs. Two design choices were created by David Collins: Contemporary Modern and Contemporary Classic. Both are fitted with high-end details that make the units breathtaking.



The architect is well-known for his astonishing work as well as his penchant for the color blue. Some say that he developed his love for the aforementioned color because his childhood bedroom was painted in that hue. In many of his projects, his love for blue is very much evident. His skill in putting together various shades of blue is incomparable. The result is striking each and every time. The Charles in Manhattan is one proof, and the Blue Bar at Berkely Hotel is another. In the latter, David Collins is reported to have used "Lutyens Blue“ an ode to British architect, Sir Edwin Lutyens.



 The sitting room at The Apartment at The Connaught in London is another creation of David Collins that shows his love for the color blue - from the curtains down to the carpet. It has been designed as though . “offering a glimpse into the private world of cultured luxury



 One of the most known projects of David Collins is Gordon Ramsay’s fine-dining restaurant at The London Hotel in West Hollywood, California. Lavish materials in noir, blush pink, and David Collins’ signature color blue dominate the space. When David Collins passed away in 2013, Gordon Ramsey tweeted, “David Collins a Gentleman who really understood how to create a Restaurant he put us all on the map thank you. God bless my dear friend.”

It is not just the restaurants, actually. He made an exceptional design standard in all of his projects that will be revered too for centuries to come.