Difference between Grade A and B Zebra Skin Rug

Zebras are wild animals found naturally in savannah Africa. They are big in size and they are popular prey for the felines such as lions, leopards and also crocodiles. In their everyday life, they encounter numerous dangers involving these predators. Because they are strong, when attacked by the predators half the time even after being captured manage to run away. They will run away with their lives and a good deal of scars. Some countries allow the culling of zebras. Some of the zebras culled have had their good number of lion or even croc encounters. This leaves them with scars which cannot be hidden. When it comes to selling these pelts, they will be sold as such - scarred pelts. The scars will be varied because not all zebras get scarred the same. Some have small scars while others have large scars. On the other hand, there are zebras that are just luck or they are really strong. At the time of getting culled, they might never have encountered a lion or at least never been caught. This makes their skins spotless. There are four classes of zebra skin rugs. There is the trophy grade, Grade A, Grade B and Grade C. Trophy Grade skins are of very high quality. Grade A skins are those with very minimal scars. Grade B and C are those with obvious scars. Here are some of the differences between Grade A and B skins; Grade A zebra skins are those that have no obvious scars. It will take you quite some time to identify a single scar or blemish on these skins. On the other hand, the Grade B skins are those that have some scars that are noticeable upon close examination. A layman will closely look at the skin and point out one or two scars. Grade A zebra skin rugs are very popular for floor mats. They are also used as a whole in many instances. It will not be cut into pieces because it looks pristine in its natural form. Grade B on the other hand are Grade B are very popular among the people who just want to own a zebra pelt or rug. Grade A skins are quite expensive. Given that they have little or no visible flaw, you can stand assured that the price tag of this pelt will be close to that which the trophy pelt fetches. Most of the vendors in the market have Grade A as their best. Many will rarely have a Trophy Grade to sell. Grade B pelt will fetch a considerably lower price. Considering that even a layman can point out some defects, the pelts in this category will often have a negotiable price. Grade A zebra skin rug will normally come with one specific use for many people; either be a mat or a wall hanging. The Grade B rugs will not necessarily be used as a souvenir on the floor or wall. You can make items using such as seat covers, chairs, pillows and footstools using it. Partner Site: Zebra Rug