How to Select a Zebra Skin Hide

Zebras have the most spectacular skins. The showy display of colors makes the animals look even splendid even in the thickest of bushes. When looking for the perfect skin zooming form this wild herbivore, you should consider several factors. These factors will help you in getting the best zebra skin rug in the market. Here is how you should go about the process;

The zebra type

There are three types of zebras; the plains zebras, the mountain zebras and the gravy’s zebras. It is the plains zebras which are also known as Equus Burchelli that are used to give the zebra skins. These zebras are in their millions and you will often find in some countries that they outdo the humans in terms of numbers.

The country source

Even though most of sub Saharan Africa countries have zebras existing naturally, only a number of them allow the legal trading of their skins. Tanzania and South Africa are the two countries where culling of zebras is legal. This simply means that killing a zebra in any other country is poaching. Culling in these two countries is done with the control of the government authorities. Because of the high demand for the zebra skin, you should be aware of illegal vendors who sell poached zebra’s skins. You should verify the source as well as the legality of a skin before going for your wallet.

Size of the skin

The size of a zebra obviously determines the size of the skin it produces. To get the perfect zebra skin rug for your own use, you need to first determine the size of the place or room that you are to place the same. The general size of this animal skin is about eight feet in length and five feet in width. If the skin is complete, it can be used as a rug mat, a wall hanging or even used to make furniture such as chairs, sofas and table covers. Going for a zebra skin rug needs you to know the process by which they are graded. Not all skins are of the same quality. There are those that might have their own good share of scars after an encounter with a lion. There is Trophy Grade which is simply the best but the priciest. Grade A follows closely in terms of quality and price. The skins in this category will have small blemishes that cannot easily be detected. Many people will buy this to do the same job as the Trophy skins. Grade B is the third category. Many of the skins incidentally happen to be in this category.  Lastly, there is Grade C which has more obvious scars. Their value in price tags is considerably low compared to the Trophy or Grade A skins. When making your purchase, you will need to evaluate all of these factors. The careful consideration of each and every one of these factors gives you a guarantee to getting the very best you can afford. Partner Site: Zebra skin rug