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5 Impressive Winter Retreats

Since Jack Frost’s icy power is still burgeoning and will probably linger until April, many are still looking for that impressive winter retreat to cozy up to while others dream about them. For the latter, don’t you worry; everything starts with a great dream and an even greater follow through!  Below are a few of the hundreds of winter places to stay at that will make your vacation very cool rather than just simply bone-biting chilly. source Juvet Landscape Hotel - Norway Situated at Valldal - a north-western town in Norway  - is a structure that boasts of minimalism and a high reverence to the surrounding environment. The interior is intentionally designed in an understated yet elegant manner to highlight the...

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The Most Beautiful Haunted Houses in the World

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when someone mention’s these two words - Haunted House? Scary? That’s a given. Cold? Yes, there are cold patches inside the house where paranormal activity is present. Ugly? Yes again, but not all. There are haunted houses that are architectural wonders despite being threadbare for decades. Since it’s that time of the year to get spooky, let’s focus on these beautiful haunted houses that we actually want to own and live in! No, we don’t. We really appreciate their beauty though.   source LaLaurie Mansion Located at Royal Street in New Orleans, this tri-level building with juxtaposed French and Spanish Colonial architecture garnered plenty of admirers including Nicholas Cage. The actor...

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10 Ideas you can Steal from Small Spaces

Many interior designers are faced with the challenges of moderating small spaces keeping in mind that aesthetics and traffic flow are the key important factors. To help ease your challenges, we have found an excellent infographic that should serve well to provide great tips on how you can use furniture to arrange your small space. Found on inhabitat.com

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