The Hard Truth: What You Need To Know About Zebra Skin Rugs

Zebra skin rugs are a fantastic way to start a conversation. There are, however, certain drawbacks to having zebra skin rugs. Knowing about these difficulties will help you decide whether or not you're ready to have your own zebra stripes in the future. The following are some of the major problems associated with zebra skin carpets:


The first issue to consider is the manufacturers' and merchants' reputations. Because of specific animal rights legislation and restrictions, zebra skin carpets are frequently sold illegally on the market. This is why you should be cautious as to whom you sell your skins to so that you do not have to deal with any legal ramifications in the future. It would be best to enlist the help of your friends in locating reputable dealers for your needs. In this manner, you will have a trustworthy partner in choosing the right kind of zebra skin rug for you in the long run.

Know What to Look For

Secondly, you had to know what to look for when it comes to the physical qualities of top grade zebra skins. This way, you would know whether or not it is fake or real. Knowing when to spot a fake will separate you from all the wannabe collectors that have to settle for substandard zebra skin rugs.

Finding the Perfect Location

Another thing that you have to consider when it comes to the various issues surrounding zebra skin rugs would be the issue of where to put it. The room has to be spacious enough to accommodate the sheer size of the rug. In addition, it has to complement of the colors that have already been used in the room itself.

The Issue of Functionality

If you are able to put all of these things into consideration, you will be able to successfully utilize and release the full potential of your rugs. Aside from this, you also have to be open to various other ways of using your zebra skin rugs. Rugs are not just meant to be used as decorations alone. These decors should be functional as well. If you are able to fuse both form and function in your zebra skin rugs then you will have succeeded in making the best interior design plans that you can ever have for yourself or for a client.

Learning To Improve Your Wall Hanging Skills

That being said, you had to make sure that the rugs are used in the most productive way while minimizing the damage. Since this is a very expensive piece of decoration, the interior designer has to make sure that he will be able to place it in a part of the house that will not easily be reached and get would still be visible to everyone who chooses to look at the zebra skin rug décor. This is where your wall hanging skills should come in handy. If you have to be able to figure out how you can safely and speedily hang to run onto the walls without damaging it. The main point here is not to incur much damage for the rug. If you fail in doing this, you will have wasted all your precious money on something that could have been of great value if you only knew how to take care of it. Do not be afraid to ask people for additional tips regarding zebra skin rug maintenance. You can also look online for some articles regarding this issue. Hopefully, you will get some ideas as to how you can extend the life of your rugs significantly through your thorough research.


These are just some of the issues that you had to contend with when it comes to using your zebra skin rugs. It is important that you are able to exercise your creativity and ingenuity when it comes to thinking of ways to change it up a bit. Being an interior design, it is your job to make sure that the rugs will be able to last in its value for a very long time. You can only do this if you are aware of the real value of the rug itself. Knowing this will allow you to make sure that the client will be able to use it for as many years as possibly can without damaging it.