Burchell Zebra Hide

 | Breed Background |

Equus Burchelli or commonly known as the Burchell Zebra is the most common and abundant breed in Africa. A member of the horse family, this breed can be found in most Savannah environments including southern and eastern parts of Africa. This breed is the only breed whose hide can be sold worldwide with the right certification and paperwork. Usually, an average Zebra is around 9 ft from head to tail and almost 6 ft wide. This varies according to specimens, and some Zebras can be quite large, but the general population tends to float around these markers. OutsourceSol is highly regarded around the world for its quality export, and we are particularly famed for our high-quality, premium Grade ‘A’ and ‘B’ Zebra skin rug.

Difference Between Grade A and B

Size | Quality | Appearance

Quality of course! Our business has formed an intricate measurement system that allows us to pick out the best hides and deliver them to our expanding clientele who have a great appreciation for quality in our products. So when we talk about Grade ‘A,’ we talk about the best in the lot. These are premium Zebra skins that are acquired from the majestic plains and are usually of the most sturdy and beautiful specimen. These are particularly renowned because they have a brilliant body, excellent head, and tail with very few flaws throughout the hide. This also increases the price, but do understand that these specimens are quite rare and often 1 in 50 Zebras.

These high-end, Grade ‘A’ Zebra skins are mostly used as trophy displays and are truly majestic when placed in any interior; however since these are found in small numbers throughout the continent, the supply tends to be limited. Preceding grade A is the B hides which are lower in price and contain minor to visible markings that can be seen throughout the rug. While they have certain flaws, the majority of the skin remains perfect and is ideal for furniture and decoration use. We believe in marketing quality products, and thus our aim is to appease our clients. We work with strict ethics, and none of our Zebras have been illegally hunted or explicitly poached for their skin. Through various Government programs in Africa, we have formed an excellent relationship that abides by their culling season to help control the ever-growing population of the Burchell breed. This means we are not only marketing Zebra products but also assisting the authorities to maintain a controllable population, which is essential to their continuing welfare.

  Thus, with nothing to hide, all our Zebra skins come checked by experienced vets besides being backed properly with the appropriate documents and legal paperwork. We are a licensed US Wildlife and Fish importer and thus offer delivery services throughout the globe for minimal charges. We place a great deal of emphasis on quality; it’s no wonder that unsatisfied customers are nonexistent, with all of our valued clients happy with our services and product. However, we are always looking to improve our game, and we value your feedback immensely.