4 Things That Can Ruin Your Zebra Skin Rugs Beyond Repair




Zebra skin rugs are pretty much resilient to anything that it comes in contact with. But there are just some things that will dramatically change its appearance for good.

We don’t that to happen, of course. That’s why we’ve listed the most damaging ways that can ruin your zebra hide rug below to help you avoid them.


Have you seen a zebra rug with bald spots? Most likely, bugs did those. Moths and carpet beetles can easily sneak their way into your zebra rug. By the time you’ve figured out they’re there, it’s already too late. Actually, adult moths and carpet beetles are not the enemies; it is their larvae. Each larva feeds on the hairs of a zebra rug, creating bald spots as they go.

Prevention: Regular dusting should be done to avoid any larvae buildup. You can simply brush with the grain of the hairs to get rid of dirt and loosen any debris, too. It’s best to enlist the help of a professional cleaner if you see signs of larvae in your zebra rug while you’re brushing it.


Whether your zebra skin rug is hanging on the wall or on the floor, its beautiful black, brown, and cream colors will fade over time if it’s constantly exposed to UV rays. A little, intermittent exposure is okay. But frequent exposure is a big no-no.

Prevention: The first preventative measure you should take is to decide where to safely place your zebra skin rug. And that is an area that will not be in constant contact with prolonged sunlight. If you can’t help but place the rug on a certain spot that’s being hit by UV rays, cut the damaging effect by closing your curtains or blinds during the day.


Moisture softens our skin, but it has the opposite effect on zebra hides. Moisture will cause your rug to stiffen and crack. In addition to that, a moist rug is a breeding ground for molds. Molds’ toxic elements will further weaken your rug.

Prevention: Make sure that there’s adequate circulation of air to prevent moisture buildup. Again, proper placement here is key. Avoid placing it near a door or an area where there’s too much moisture (i.e. basement). If it’s near a moisture-filled area, you must take it outdoors once a week to allow it to air dry. You can also pull the moisture out of it by adding a humidifier to your space.


Most of the common household spills can be removed easily without leaving a mark. It’s when you allow the stain to set in that will cause irreparable damage.

Prevention: Take extra caution when handling liquids near your zebra skin rug. If a spill happens, immediately soak the spill by dabbing it with a sponge. Spray a non-ionic cleaner over the spill then wipe it with a clean cloth until you get everything out.

Did we miss anything? Do tell us the problems you’ve encountered with your zebra skin rug on the comment section below.