Design Marvel: The Invisible House

A house with a design that highlights disguise harbors a ton of whys and an equal amount of interest. Aside from its original purpose, a house is meant to be seen, appreciated, and ogled on. The Invisible House is somewhat an antithesis of those. The curious thing about it, however, is that for something that's built to be concealed, it certainly is drawing a lot of good attention.  


The Austrian architectural firm, Delugan Meissl Associated Architects, is the one responsible for this highly fascinating prefabricated house. The aim is to provide an alternative to the increasing housing dilemma. Flexibility and spatial quality are the pivotal factors in its design. Reducing environmental footprints and substantial savings in construction are two of its gains over those that are built on site.  

The Invisible House or Casa Invisible is a salute to architectural naturalism. It yields a good relationship between the building and its surroundings by reflecting it. The reflective steel panels that cloaks the exterior is the ultimate connection between the house and nature. It fascinatingly mirrors the eco layout that surrounds the place. From a far, it resembles one huge Albrecht Altdorfer painting. The 14.50 x 3.50 meter home's facade has a list of options for the client to choose from.   


Due to its size, stiff compartmentalization is evaded. Aside from making the space look larger, an open floor plan provides a more inviting space that's perfect for entertaining and everyday living as well. Paired with the huge sliding doors and proper window placement, the open floor plan also allows a good flow of natural light that touches every nook, which in effect, minimizes unnecessary consumption of electricity during daytime. The insertion of predominantly domestic hardwood in its interiors gives the contemporary home an overall feeling of a cozy ambiance. It features a combination of wooden floors, wooden walls, and wooden ceiling that majorly shapes its appeal.  

Outsourcesol-Casa-Invisible-House-Interior-austria A fireplace functions as a divider to the open space. Three more segmented spaces are available as rooms in the Invisible House.  


 Characterized by clean lines and subdued symmetry, the interior can serve as a great canvas for a bevy of styles. You can opt for a Scandinavian feel, a modern Art Deco theme, or a retrograde back to the 60s. A little Mad Men set creativity can merge well with the Casa Invisibles default interior. The BKF Chair perched on a charcoal area rug is good, but that on a zebra rug is even better!  


Covering the floor, walls, and ceiling with light hardwood gave the bedroom a very homey, cabin-like feel. A genius touch comes from the position of the windows. It is situated directly and discreetly at the level of the bed. It diffuses the light beams much softer; an apt choice for a place of rest.  


We are all for good design no matter what size of the home is. We applaud the style and creativity that has been placed in the Invisible House. For something small, it sure is making a big impact.