Integrating a Zebra Rug Into 7 Different Interior Themes

Buying a décor for one's home is not only about ergonomics or high quality anymore; versatility is one of the key main factors that smart patrons look for. Zebra rug is embodied with that element along with a great design, functionality, and superior condition. For years, the zebra rug has proven its capability to be incorporated in different interior design themes. It is not just included in the theme; it blended perfectly with it. Below are seven various interior styles that the zebra rug made more fascinating.


Traditional Traditional interior is all about sophisticated furnishing, earthy tones, and dark wood. The classic style features architectural adornment such as wood panelings and moldings. Harsh contrast in color or furniture rarely happens. The zebra's pattern works well with this kind of theme because the stripes are understated and the colors are muted. They provide a unique touch to the room without interrupting the overall feel.  


Rustic Even in a weathered farmhouse interior, the presence of a zebra skin rug can be quite striking. The elegance of the black and white stripes is the perfect antithesis to a worn out wooden floor. Mismatched round back chairs, accent chair, and a settee in harmonious colors add sophistication to the space rather than chaos. You know what would be great? A vintage chandelier. It would put an extra luxurious spin to this dining room.  


Contemporary A contemporary interior conjures an atmosphere of minimalism, clean lines, and flat surfaces. Accenting a modern home with a zebra rug is a painless task because the colors are subdued and the decor simple. The rug blends easily with nary an aesthetic fight. The texture of the rug eliminates the bleakness that comes with a modern setting, and instead, injects a much needed comforting feel.  



The Parisian Chic not only holds true when it comes to fashion; the French's exquisite manner of style is extended to their homes as well. It is, and will always be, one of the most sought after interior designs of all time. A French style is a balance between sophisticated simplicity and  flamboyance. Apart from the gilded ornaments, rich wood furnishings, and a bevy of fine artworks, the zebra hide rug provides a good amount of extravagance to a French interior.  


Scandinavian Another popular interior design style is the Scandinavian. The trademark of the said design is wall to wall neutral tones, simple furniture, and an unnecessary clutter. Only the bare essentials and those that provide real function are seen in a Scandinavian home. The amount of natural light coming in is also a huge factor in the much-loved interior style. Patterns and textures that are too overwhelming are avoided. This is why a zebra rug works well with the Scandinavian design. It's gorgeous and classy in all its simplicity.  


Art Deco One of the key components of the Art Deco interior is animal prints. During its reign in the 1920s until 1940s, more people favored traveling, and that includes going to a safari tour. Because of this, it is not uncommon for homes that possess this theme to have a zebra rug or a lion rug along with delicate sculptures and geometric details. Some prefer to have a strong contrast of colors when decorating in this style while other prefers neutral tones with a touch of gilded adornment.  


Industrial Industrial design is brute, edgy, and fierce. A zebra rug definitely implements the extra intensity to make it more dramatically compelling. Add to that fact is the strong enrichment the rug does to the key elements of an industrial design such as raw walls, exposed pipes, and dated accessories.