Layering Rug Ideas Using a Zebra Rug





Layering rugs is a décor trend that is very much alive in 2019…and for good reasons! For one, it’s an easy way to update the look of a tired interior without spending too much on décor.

Aside from adding visual interest into a room, you can use this design technique to put to good use old area rugs that you just can’t seem to let go of. You know what we're talking about, right? It's the rug that's been with you for years. You clearly want a revamp without the need to get rid of that old area rug. Too much memories. We get it.

And lastly, it’s a great way to cover any problem areas of a beloved rug. Got stains, holes, or any unsightly spots in there? No worries! Just put a zebra rug on top of it. It's a stylishly instant solution.

Here are some layering rug ideas when using a zebra rug:

Zebra rug on a rug with a single, solid color

Let’s start with this combo because this is the most common and safest way when layering rugs. You can use any, and we mean any, shade in the color wheel. Why? Because the zebra pattern is basically a neutral. It works well with every color there is—even the most shocking ones. If you want to be extra safe, go for a black, tan, or white area rug.

Make sure that the solid area rug is slightly bigger than your zebra skin rug. When placing the zebra rug on top of the solid area rug, try to put it in an offset manner just to add an interesting visual appeal.

Zebra rug on a patterned area rug

While this pairing might seem overwhelming at first, the truth is, by using simple techniques, you can pull this off like a real pro.

First, think of scale. If the zebra rug is your primary pattern, look for a second rug that has a smaller pattern. A smaller pattern with a different shape will work well with your zebra rug, too. 

The second consideration should be similarity in color. Your secondary patterned rug’s colors shouldn’t mimic all of the zebra rug’s colors, but it should have at least one similar tone. If you chose black, then pick a secondary patterned rug with that as the dominant color.

Zebra rug on an area rug with natural fibers

Create a little slice of nature-inspired paradise inside your home by using an area rug with natural fibers like sisal, bamboo, seagrass, rattan, and jute. You won’t have to worry about any of those clashing with the colors of the zebra rug since they come in neutral tones.

It’s not the color that makes these natural-fiber rugs a good option when layering rugs. It is their rough textures. Rough textures makes a space feel homey and grounded. This is especially helpful in providing a cozy atmosphere to modern minimalistic interiors.

Keep in mind that these are just tips to make layering rugs using a zebra rug easier. But do feel free to experiment with what you feel is right. Decorating, after all, is a personal expression.