Zebra Skin Rugs: Where Not to Place Them


Real zebra skin hide inside bathroom


There are hundreds (probably even thousands) of online guides about where to properly place a zebra skin rug. We bet that even if you haven’t read any of those, you have a good inclination on how to go about it. Good for you!

A zebra skin rug is so versatile that it can be a fabulous add-on to just about any area in a home. It’s also durable enough to withstand different elements. But because of the organic nature of zebra hides, there are a few areas that you should not add to your zebra skin rug placement list.

Inside the bathroom

We don’t know when this trend started. What we do know is that this is not the kind of trend that you should follow. Even though a zebra hide looks good inside a bathroom, putting it there might severely damage it forever.

Real zebra hides cannot absorb water the way bathroom rugs can. The latter is designed for that purpose. Exposing it to too much water will ruin the hide. Aside from those, a damp zebra rug can be a magnet for mold. 

Beside a window

It’s best to keep your zebra hide away from direct sunlight. Constant exposure to sunlight will cause the zebra hide markings to fade over time. If you must, make sure that you close the curtains during the day to protect the hide from direct sunlight.

On the outdoor patio, lanai, or decks

Rugs provide a cozy appeal to these places—a welcoming touch, especially during a cold night. However, a zebra hide is not your best bet for this purpose. A zebra hide cannot endure constant exposure to different outdoor elements. Doing so will cause irreparable damage to your hide.

There are rugs that are built for this. The most common are those that are made from natural fibers. Bamboo, sisal, and seagrass are a few examples of natural fiber outdoor rugs.

Inside the kitchen

One word: gunk. Those dirty layers of grease will cling onto your zebra hide, and those will slowly ruin it over time. It’s difficult to DIY this type of dirt. You’ll end up bringing it to a professional rug cleaner. Even then, you won’t have a hundred percent assurance that your zebra hide will retain its original look.

Aside from the gunk, there’s always that risk of your zebra rug catching spills and absorbing strong odors. It's better to use rugs that are specifically created for kitchens.

Near a humidifier

A humidifier is good at preventing your throat or skin to go dry. It can, however, will dry out your zebra hide. Too much moisture can stiffen the hide and make it crack. And as mentioned above, excessive moisture on your zebra rug promotes mold growth.



While it’s true that real zebra hides are durable and require minimal maintenance, utmost care should still be taken. This is to ensure that your zebra skin rug will last longer and will retain its natural beauty.



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