Felted Zebra Skin Rug Grade A #15

$ 1,400.00

Top Sellers - Genuine and Beautiful grade A zebra rug with felt backing and thick mane with excellent contrasts in color and extremely durable. 

  • Grade A Zebra rug
  • Free U.S Shipping.
  • Black felting included on rug (1.5 Inches)
  • Size: 9 ft head to tip of tail x 6 ft wide
  • California - Commercial resale is prohibited
  • 100% satisfaction with 14 Day guarantee. 
    Grade A skins are our top selling hides. Hand selected and tanned by our professional taxidermists, these skins are soft and will look beautiful in any kind of interior setting. Zebra hides are generally dark Brown and Beige instead of the black and white many people seem to believe. Our rugs on average measure 9 ft from head to tail and 6 ft from rear leg to leg. 

    Location: Salt Lake City, UT
    Shipping window: 4-7 days (U.S) 
    Shipping window: 6-12 days (International) 
    Refund policy: 14 days Guarantee

    Difference between felted vs non felted
    Felted hides provide longevity to the hide and also protect the skin from any contact with dust or debris minimizing damage to hide over time. Non felted hides provide a more natural appearance to the hide and can also be used for upholstery purposes. 

    We Ship to the Following Countries:
    North America: Canada, Mexico & Puerto Rico
    South America: Argentina & Brazil
    Europe: France, Germany, Spain, Italy, U.K, Switzerland & Netherlands
    Arabian Countries: Saudi Arabia, Emirates & Qatar


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