6 Popular Interior Design Styles for Zebra Hides

A printed home decor that goes well with every popular interior design style is rare—but that’s exactly what a zebra hide is. The black-and-white stripes look busy that matching it with every interior design scheme seems questionable.

But it works! A zebra hide complements the look of every home. We’re not just talking about a zebra rug. We’re including furniture and accessories made from real zebra hides in this post.    


Real zebra skin rug Scandinavia interior design kitchen

Stealth sophistication is the distinctive trait of a Scandinavian interior design. It’s simple, uncluttered, functional yet elegant. A zebra hide comes out as the focal point of a room in this particular interior design style since the majority of the elements are solids. Take for example the kitchen above. A zebra rug makes it interesting. It adds personality and warmth to an otherwise stark interior.

Mid-century Modern

Midcentury modern living room zebra rug

Bauhaus architecture, biomorphic furniture, and organic style are just some of the factors that make mid-century modern interior design popular. This type of interior design embraces bold decor such as a zebra hide rug. Those bold pieces are usually set against a plain backdrop. It’s kind of like an art gallery. What’s great about the zebra stripes is that it works well with a beloved mid-century modern pattern: geometric.

French Modern

French modern interior design living room zebra rug

Culture and class are the two words that would sum up what French interior design is all about. Despite the intricate moldings, herringbone flooring, and Carrara marble, this design delivers an unassuming interior with a respectful nod to classicism. A zebra hide certainly adds a layer of discreet luxury to this mix. 

Art Deco

The Great Gatsby embodies art deco interior design style. A glamorous mix of monochromatic color schemes, layers, depth, and geometric patterns. Some, however, prefer the muted version of this popular interior design. It still has a few of the elements that capture the essence of the flapper era like the lighting and wall art albeit subdued. For the finishing touch, a pair of zebra accent pillows on the couch and a zebra ottoman perfectly ties the room together.


Industrial design zebra rug

A beautiful zebra rug adds elegance to the rawness of an industrial design. It creates a balance by giving unfinished-like spaces a polished, softer (just a tad bit) look. And to top it all off, a zebra hide rug works with the key elements of an industrial look—from the exposed brick wall to utilitarian decor. 


The mediterranean interior is all about relaxed living. Warm tones and textures dominate this interior scheme. A zebra ottoman provides a good break from this otherwise monotonous mix. It gives a subtle hint of bold pattern in a sea of earthy tones. The other patterns with the same color scheme are barely noticeable.


Which among these popular interior design styles is your favorite?





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