How to Make Your African Lion Skin Last

An African lion skin is not something to find in every other home. It is a skin that requires quite an investment compared to what you would pay for a simple cow hide. When buying the skin, you therefore need to evaluate quite a number of things. Depending on the use you have for the skin, its life can be prolonged. Here are some of the tips to follow to ensure that your lion skin serves you for the longest time possible.

Many people will use their lion skins as rugs, mats, wall hangings or even materials to cover items like pillows. Given the scarcity of lion skins, many people would not consider using theirs as a mat. A mat is more likely to wear out faster than a wall hanging. You are more likely to enjoy the company of the exotic lion skin if you opt to hang it on your wall. Depending on how long you want to enjoy the skin, choose the use of the skin wisely. Ensure that you obtain an African lion skin in a legal way.

Make sure you know the exact source of the skin and that it was acquired in a straightforward and legal way. Failure to this, you might find yourself parting ways with the skin way sooner than expected. In fact, you could end up in jail to say the least if you don’t follow the due process. Regular cleaning helps greatly at ensuring that the skin remains elegant and fresh. Just vacuuming the skin regularly and brushing it once a week helps at making it last long. You should use a soft brush. When vacuuming the skin you should turn off the brush to prevent the hairs from getting removed.

If you have a pet, you need to keep a close eye on your African lion skin. Some pets might find the smell of the skin appealing and they might try to tear it down. On the other hand, the pets will pee and leave all manner of marks on the skin. You should be ready to remove any of the stains especially the pee because it tends to eat away the skin. When removing any of the stains made by your pets, you need to use an organic cleaning product to remove them. For any other stains like food or drink spills, you will need a mild product and a soft cloth to remove it. Just like any other product or item you cherish, you need to go the extra mile to ensure that your African lion skin lasts.

One of the things to do is to ensure that you never keep it exposed to direct sunlight. Direct sunlight makes the skin fade and lose its natural appeal. You should also never soak the skin wholly in water. This will lead the skin rotting and shrinking.