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Ryan Korban and His Love Affair with Zebra Rug

TheĀ zebra hide rugĀ has, in a way, become Ryan Korban's trademark. He has placed not one but two zebra rugs in fashion designer Alexander Wang's TriBeCa loft! The monochromed unit, which Korban designed, is an assemblage of rich textures from fine leather to exquisite fur. He has mastered the art of combining textures in a very admirable manner. The merger of various textures slays the ennui of a single color. It makes the whole place look aesthetically attractive, and in Korban's description of the famous fashion maven's place, sexy.

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How to Make Your African Lion Skin Last

An African lion skin is not something to find in every other home. It is a skin that requires quite an investment compared to what you would pay for a simple cow hide. When buying the skin, you therefore need to evaluate quite a number of things. Depending on the use you have for the skin, its life can be prolonged. Here are some of the tips to follow to ensure that your lion skin serves you for the longest time possible. Many people will use their lion skins as rugs, mats, wall hangings or even materials to cover items like pillows. Given the scarcity of lion skins, many people would not consider using theirs as a mat. A mat...

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