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Own a Piece of the Wild With Zebra Hide Interior :Mancave Edition

And the men have it! The Man cave décor edition. There is limited research on the specific relationship between a "man cave" and mental health in men. However, some studies suggest that having a dedicated space to relax and unwind can be beneficial for overall well-being. On the other hand, excessive use of a man cave as a means of avoiding responsibilities or social interactions may be detrimental to mental health. It's important for men to have a balance between having a space for personal hobbies and interests, and maintaining healthy relationships and fulfilling responsibilities. Additionally, having a man cave or similar space that promotes physical activity and healthy habits may have positive effects on mental health. A man cave...

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The Lazy Man's Guide To Ottoman Shapes

"Have nothing in your home that you don't know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." —William Morris. Ottomans are not a new concept, but have become popular worldwide over the years. I did not know what an ottoman was, until I associated one with those at the foot of a bed. But like everything you see around you, this piece of furniture too has a history and a reason for its existence. Made with no back, the ottoman is a deeply upholstered seat introduced into Europe in the late 18th century from Turkey, where, piled with cushions, it was the central piece of domestic seating. It received the title ‘Ottoman’ from its namesake empire, christened after its founder Osman...

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