Enjoying the Black and White Beauty of a Zebra Skin Rug at Home

Zebras are definitely animals that have remarkable colors. Every other person even the one who sees everyday will be amazed every time at just how amazing this animal is. Well, when it comes to a zebra hide, you will need to know some facts so that you place yourself in a better position in general knowledge and also when it comes to buying.

It is the Equus Burchelli zebras that provide the numerous pelts you find in homes and shops. They are sourced from the plains of Africa and their beauty stays the same years after you have bought them. When you come to critically checking out the colors of a zebra, you get to appreciate the difference that exists in the stripes. While many people will argue that the stripes are black or white, the one sure thing about these stripes is that they are not what they seem to be, at least from a far or from the TV screen. The seemingly black stripes are not black but rather chestnut brown or dark chocolate.

When you look at the seemingly white stripes, you will discover that more often than not, they are cream rather than pure white. These two colors give the zebra a certain command of beauty that no other animal has. Unlike the proverbial believe of many people, no zebra hide rug is like the other. You will never find a zebra that is identical in terms of stripes. Each zebra gets its identity from the uniqueness of the stripes.

The beauty of the Burchelli zebra which is also called the plains zebra is so much engraved in the skins that you will stare at any of them in amazement every time. These zebras normally have twenty six broad stripes transitioning horizontally along the rib cage and the headquarters. The unique spacing and distribution of the stripes makes the skins very beautiful and endearing to the eyes. It is not common to find a zebra skin that is without a scar. The lives of the zebras are more precarious and they live in apprehension most of time. The lions, the leopards, the crocodiles can attack them any time.

A normal zebra will have a scar encountered in a life battle with a predator. While there are those scars can be permanent, there are those that will fade away. If a zebra skin rug is pure and without a blemish, it is likely to be used as a mat. For the more scarred skins, the uses vary from mats to making items. Grading of zebra skins is done so as to help you get the right one. Trophy Grade is the one without any scar or blemish either from a predator or a skinnier. The price tag that goes with the same is quite high.

Grade A is the second category in classification. They will have very minute flaws that a normal person will not tell. Grade B and C follow respectively. Partner Site: Zebra skin