Your Space is Never Too Small for a Zebra Rug! 3 Small Room Inspirations for the Summer

We are living in the age of less is more. Over the years, usage of space has become an important factor in purchasing housing units, rooms, apartments and even rental units. As the populations in huge cities amplify and a larger percentage of it starts opting to stay alone, a new style of residing in very small areas has emerged. The art of using the whole volume of a storage medium, instead of just the surface, allows us to encode much more information in a small space. The push toward sustainability across the world, in addition to the various movements and groups asking for social responsibility from companies in taking action against climate change. In the building world, this manifests in more energy-efficient homes and commercial spaces. Generally, the smaller the building, the smaller its carbon footprint.

So who said your small space cannot have the outside vibe that brings the feeling of nature, elegance and style all at once? Remember, small living does lead to a higher quality of life because you get to only choose what your space needs to come alive and have value. Value to you. A home that you would always go back to, and feel free. Plus, it is so much easier to maintain! The only mistake you can make is trying to fit everything to make your space look cute. You need not try so hard in this area, because that's what makes small space design so fun. You get to come up with clever solutions to those obstacles, expanding your mind to various tricks and tips for small space design ideas that will make that room you want to transform appear so much larger while maintaining style. 

When you don’t have a vast amount of space to fill and manage, it’s a lot easier to focus on making your environment just right. We had a look at some amazing décor ideas for this Summer’s Small Spaces Matter Designs, and came up with a couple of examples that will inspire you to get that zebra hide for your room.

Studio Style Bedroom 


Studio apartments offer many people a lower purchase prices and overall lower costs of living. Due to its smaller size, it is automatically a much more eco-friendly option compared to larger abodes. Less square footage means less space you need to warm up. The zebra hide comes in handy in this apartment scenario. It warms up your floor while adding character to the room. The less heat you use, the fewer carbon emissions you’ll be putting into your surroundings.

Adding the zebra hide into your studio can lift the otherwise small looking façade, and elevate it to a higher chic appearance. Always keep in mind that living in a smaller apartment means you’re working with limited square footage so you have to be picky about what to do to avoid cluttering up your living space. Bedroom spaces especially encourage you to let go of items you don’t necessarily like or even use that often. It forces you to sit down and edit your possessions, deciding what’s essential and what’s not, in the room where your mind comes to rest after a day’s hustle.

Living Room Rave


Living room got its name many years ago. The term 'living room' was known since the mid 19th century, mainly coined to give a word to a space where the general social activities are performed. This means that where you would play games with friends or family, have a coffee, a couple drinks while enjoying the closeness of each other’s company. That is the ultimate living room experience. Within different parts of the world, living rooms are designed differently and evolving, but all share the same purpose, to gather users in a comfortable space. 

Aside from spending less on rent and utilities, the smaller spaces require fewer furnishings. This makes them much cheaper and easier to decorate, and you really get the chance to personalize it and make your space truly yours. Your personality is read by the room you decorate.  The zebra hide rug always saves the day in small living rooms. The stripes always create a larger room feel, while appreciating the closeness to the outdoors, through the doors and windows that are closer to the décor. You could also just decide to cut the rug up and accentuate pieces in your room. This will also go ahead in giving it a zebra inspired, or zebra themed look.

3. Chill Spot Sensations


Chill spot sensations speaks for itself when describing a room in your house where you either do laundry, put away the kids’ toys, enjoy music that produces pleasurable chills, read a book, etc. It is all about the vibe and sensations that you would normally get from being in an environment that you have only one job. To relax. This room is designated for calm and peace of mind. You can literally choose whichever spot to call your chill spot… It may be a sunny corner in your room, a private space divided by sheer curtains, a room you do not use but want to make your own gazebo… It’s all about somewhere you can be quiet and won’t be disturbed. The zebra hide brings up this calm, organized feel to that area, while making it more tranquil, aesthetic and free from clutter. While you are at it, eliminate all distractions. It is supposed to be ‘chill’ after all.

Never say never to space design when you have nature begging you to let her in. To let her be your peace. No matter the size of your room, the zebra dazzle will light up your room like moon.