5 Misconceptions About Zebra Hide Rug

There is too much information these days, which is a good thing. Like what Kofi Anan once said, “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating.”

But there’s a caveat to this: not all of them are true. For example, there is a lot of wrong information about zebra hide rugs that gave birth to misconceptions. So today we’re going to debunk a few of those misconceptions with the truth.

Authentic zebra skin attracts insects

It’s the opposite. Scientists found out that the zebras' beautiful stripes ward off disease-carrying insects. The stripes confuse insects and disrupt their ability to have a controlled landing.

This is the reason why some farmers paint stripes on their cows or why striped pajamas for horses is now a thing.

And if you’re thinking, “Well, those are animals. What about humans?” Good question. It works on humans, too. Tribes from Australia, Africa, and Asia paint their bodies with stripes for this very reason. Well, we dare say that earning one’s stripes is truly beneficial.

Real zebra hides smell bad

A brand-new, real zebra hide shouldn’t emit a strong odor unlike those that have been fashioned from cowhide. The latter can have toxins that can harm your skin or pollute the air in your home.

Our zebra hides are au naturel. They only undergo the normal washing-and-drying process. We don’t add chemicals or any compounds. But expect a new one to have a normal zebra scent (albeit faint) as soon as you take it out of the box. 

It’s hard to maintain and clean zebra rugs

Zebra rugs are pretty easy to clean and maintain. Vacuuming once a week should be enough to keep it looking new and clean. We highly recommend this so that dirt and other impurities won’t settle on the rug. They can eventually cause damage if left on the hide for a long time.

Another alternative is to brush your zebra rug every week. Make sure that you use a brush with soft bristles and brushing in the direction of hair growth.

Owning a real zebra hide is illegal

No, it's not...as long as you purchase a Burchell’s zebra hide from a licensed retailer, that is. Burchell’s zebras can be legally sold since they are not endangered. Other zebra subspecies are endangered, making them illegal to sell.

We purchase our Burchell’s zebra hides during the culling season in Africa. They are made from Burchell’s zebras that are butchered for meat—similar to cows. The hide is a byproduct, just like leather.

Zebra Rugs don’t last long

High-quality and well-maintained zebra rugs can last for more than 20 years. This is one of the reasons why we highly recommend proper maintenance and weekly cleaning. We want our customers to pass their zebra rugs to the next generation, a luxurious heirloom piece, if you will.



Misconception causes unnecessary confusion. When in doubt, ask some experts. You can also visit reputable sites to gain factual information. As for us, we’re ready and more than willing to answer any questions you have. You can send us direct messages on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, or fill out our contact form.